New Dispensary / Holistic Center here in Tracy, CA!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by Caitlyn564, Oct 10, 2011.

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    We just opened last week! We are not just a dispensary, we deal a lot with Natural health, organisms, their organization, life process, and their relationships to each other and their environment. We are here to help any need you have. We maintain a firm commitment to the Cancer survivor community and help to increase cancer education. We are locaed on 2650 W. Byron Rd. , Tracy, CA
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    Bad timing!
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    Perfect timing for me!
    Great friendly knowledgeable staff!
    & the mowie wowie is a must!
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    [​IMG] sundance.
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    [h=2] Launch![/h] has launched our very own medical marijuana locator site at - Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Doctors and more!
    If you are affiliated with a dispensary, please go ahead and add your listing to the site. its completely free! ​
  5. That's what's up!!!! I wish you guys the best of luck. If you guys need anyone to check out your paperwork and make sure you guys are all compliant, give me a call...I've been opening up these stores since 2009.

    But, for starters, don't ever call yourself a dispensary..."dispensaries" are illegal. The only people that are allowed to dispense medicine are licensed pharmacists and medical are supposed to be formed as a collective....And the last time I checked Tracy had a ban on dispensaries...

    We're going to be holding a seminar in Sacramento with attorney Bill McPike in February 11th, come check it out.

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