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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by newbieblue, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. newbieblue

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    Need Help!!! 2nd grow same problem. Just transplanted 5 days ago. Plants were apprx. 4 inches. Everything was fine until 2 days ago. New leave on tops of plants are yellow with veins staying green. They are yellowing from the tips and outside edges in, but some are doing just the opposite. From the base of the leave to the tip. We have Fertilized twice with KLN, Grow, and Liquid Fish cutting the amount of fertilzer in half. Our first grow was a disaster from the yellowing. We lost everything. Yellowed all through veg and flowering stages. Could our water be a problem? We are on a community watering system that is feed by a creek that runs through the middle of a Redwood Forest. The water is not treated. Plus the creek runs across logging property. Might be too much information, but every little bit helps. (I hope) Any ideas? I have a picture I will try and add.
    Oh it's indoor and they are under 4 1000wt hps lights. Soil is oceanforest by Foxfarm. Out of 72 32-35 have started to do this.

    Please help!!!!! :(

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  2. Rusty Trichome

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    Any source of iron in the nutes or soil? Any micronutrients? Are you spraying them too much foliar feed?

    What is the ph of the water? Might be a ph problem causing nutrient lock-out. As my well water is usually around 7.9 I use a cheap and easy-to use freshwater aquarium ph test kit to make sure I've adjusted it right. ($7.00 u.s. or so) Perhaps a 1 tablespoon/gallon Epsom Salt treatment?

    I've never used it, but does Fox Farm soil already have nutes in it? Doesn't really look like nute burn...

    I'd wait for more answers before jumping into a solution, tho.
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  3. newbieblue

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    There are nutes in the soil and I am not leave feeding this time around. Last grow I did and it did not help. Epsom salt seemed to help a little bit last time, but then nothing after awhile. There is a lot of iron in the water. You can smell it sometimes. We ph'd our water down to about 6/6.5. Could it be a problem with EC (electrical conductivity)? I am getting water from a different source today. I appreciate the help. Just not sure.

    Thanks, Newbieblue.
  4. Mr. Clandestine

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    4 1000w HPS? Good lord, man...plan on growing a forest in there? :jointsmile:

    Grab yourself a pH test kit, then test the pH of the water you're using. After that, test the pH of some runoff. See where you are from there. If the pH is normal, then you might be looking at a Nitrogen deficiency. Although that is somewhat rare early in vegetative growth...especially when good soil is being used.

    Good luck to ya!
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  5. Rusty Trichome

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    4 x 1000w? Thought it may be a misprint.

    How large are the pots? Which half of the grow is yellowing? (The ones tword the center of the grow, the ones directly under the lamps, or the ones on the outside perimiter)

    How close are those lamps to the grow? Too much heat may be an issue. Using fans?
  6. BobBong

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    what's the pH ?
  7. stinkyattic

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    Very likely that you are locking out your nutes with that overly iron-rich water.
    HAve you tried other SOURCES of water such as bottled water or RO? Can you fill jugs somewhere else, where the water is not coming off the forest watershed?
  8. PharmaCan

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    Blue - you are overfeeding your plants, your pH is all wrong for soil, and you probably have way too much light on those young plants. MJ is a very resilient plant, but you need to baby it when it is young - and giving it a lot of food and a lot of light isn't babying it.

    It sounds like you have some good resources for growing; now ya need some good knowledge to go along with it. ...and that means doing some research and gaining at least some basic knowledge of what you are doing. Sorry if I sound harsh, but there are two other threads going right now that are dealing with similar problems with young plants. Do some research and reading!

    PC :smokin:
  9. newbieblue

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    I don't think it's the light. The lights are over 2 4x8 beds. 2 lights per bed and the lights are up high until they are better able to handle the heat. My set up is exactly what someone else I know is doing and they usually come out with 6lbs, but they have not ever ran into this problem before. I have and 8in exhaust and 6in inlet, with 1 to 2 fans going. Temp stays around 83-85 degrees and humdity is around 30%. I do think ph may be a problem. Thanks for the info everything helps.
  10. newbieblue

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    stinkyattic- Thanks I bought a couple of 55gl barrels and have gotten water from somewhere else yesterday. I will water with the new water today or tomorrow. I got the water from where the plants were originally cloned from. I'm really starting to think that there is something in my water were I live and it's causing major prboblems. I am following to a tee exactly what the person who clones these does with their grow and everything for them has been great, but they have never ran into this problem before.

    Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the help. newbieblue
  11. Jayspockets@gmail

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    Hey I had this problem and I turned down the nitrogen phosphorus and did a potassium up on them its been 2 days and mine are looking beautiful agaian if it were yellowing from old to new it would b lack of nitrogen phosphorus this is just from past experience
    Happy grow
    Also the water note is probably a great idea I have very hard water from the well at my house spring water with 6.5 ph is the best unless ur grow is in cocoa then its too high u could always allow your water to sit a day or two to bring it were it should be
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