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I helped grow back when Pot wasn't legal at all in Colorado. I'm about to start a new grow coming.

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  1. Juice13

    Juice13 Registered

    I help a guy grow before but it's been over a decade. I'm thinking about a 400 watt LED. Canvas bags. And eb and flow table. If you have any other ideas, I would like to hear them. Pls.
  2. Juice13

    Juice13 Registered

    My bad I meant rock wool and Ed and flow.
  3. onjig

    onjig Registered+

    If that's you choice of lighting ~ fine ~ prepare some soil and plant your seed ```

    Get your space ready ~ decide if ~ you'll water by hand or want a system ~ arrange timing for your lights ~ and vent ( if you have one ) remember ~ not to overload your electrical wiring ```

    Your can set up your grow ~ with less lighting ( fewer watts ) ~ and ~ add as you see need ```

    first thing is ~ in my thinking ~ how big is you growing space ~ a cabinet or small closet ~ or ~ a room with plastic enclosed space ```

    Good luck


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