New half oz of sparkly dank

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by vileoxidation, May 16, 2007.

  1. vileoxidation

    vileoxidation Registered+

    Finally, after three days of not being able to pick-up, my guy finally came through today. I got a half of this stuff $185, same as most of mine recently.

    It is skunky and stinky and heavy smelling, and the taste is spicy and harsh.

    Alright, smoke report (while smoking a bowl, which is why the detail): It makes you cough, but you feel it right away in the front of your head, right between your eyes. Then it expands to your whole head and you are floating. Then your limbs start to tingle and your vision blurs. That's it so far, I'm about halfway through this bowl now. :stoned:

    Make sure you click them to see the beautiful details. Another set of pictures coming in a minute.

    Try not to hate me. :D:D

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  2. vileoxidation

    vileoxidation Registered+

    Make sure you click to see detail. :thumbsup: :stoned:

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  3. mfqr

    mfqr Registered+

    Wow. You seem to pick up a lot of weed! I see posts of good ass weed of yours like every other day! Lol, nice pick up. Though, with the smoke report... I'd have to say that the blurry vision would bother me a tiny bit ((not to say that I wouldn't smoke it :)). But damn, that looks good.
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  4. vileoxidation

    vileoxidation Registered+

    Well, its not blurry vision so much as the kind where you keep squinting because it feels like you need to. I dunno how to describe it really, but its not a vision thing its more of an eye thing.

    And, I do smoke a lot, but in my defense my last pickup was an eighth. :D
  5. J-dubb206

    J-dubb206 Registered+

    Very nice :stoned:
  6. Delta9 UK

    Delta9 UK Registered+

    Damn! That looks like fine herb :thumbsup:
  7. sordid

    sordid Registered+

    Kind of steep on the price..?
  8. mfqr

    mfqr Registered+

    Oh, haha. I see. I thought you meant that your vision does actually go blurry, like if you were to pop a bunch of oxycontin. I know what you mean by that now--I get it all the time, and it doesn't bother me. Once again, your pick ups are always nice eye-candy.

    Sordid: Be quiet, man. Not everyone has the luxury of low prices, like you are insinuating that you do. It's good stuff, and obviously she doesn't mind paying that "steep price" (for all you know, that could be a very good price in her area).
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  9. vileoxidation

    vileoxidation Registered+

    Thanks for the comments, all, and thanks for the defense, mfgr! :):stoned:

    Lol, that's amusing. If you had been around here longer you would realize that for the states, that is an average price for someone who doesn't have a good friend or something like that as a connection. I pay less then a lot of other people on here, too. :thumbsup:
  10. mfqr

    mfqr Registered+

    Well, frankly I am sick of people commenting and talking shit about how someone pays so much, as if they have it so much better. I think he was just trying to look cool like he gets amazing deals. He might, but it still doesn't mean that everyone else has that luxury. By the way, it's MFQR, not MFGR :).
  11. geonagual

    geonagual Banned

    The bud looks really nice:)

    and you are taking some GREAT pictures.

    Oh yeah..$185 is right on the money for that quality and amount.
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  12. vileoxidation

    vileoxidation Registered+

    Oh goodness! I was looking at the bar underneath and thinking it was a g, lol. I need glasses (and better observational skills, lol). :D

    Thank you about my pictures! And about my bud, of course. :D And I'm glad you have my prices, too. :thumbsup:
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  13. chillikeadivill12

    chillikeadivill12 Registered


    yo that shit is so crystaly dude that looks niice as hell fuckin i wouldnt be takin pictures of it id be smokin tha niice dank shit
  14. CheebaMan

    CheebaMan Registered+

    i dont like when weed makes me cough, the cough would be with me for a few days after smoking a sack like that throughout the week
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  15. Kenn

    Kenn Registered+

    Ur pictures are the best man I just love lookin at em for ages. :thumbsup:
  16. nightlight

    nightlight Banned

    there is no set price for marijuana.

    ps vileoxidation i admire your buds.
  17. vileoxidation

    vileoxidation Registered+

    Thanks for the comments, keep 'em coming! :stoned:

    Well, I only say that based on what my freinds do, because I have a really uncanny ability to never cough. My boyfriend hates it, he thinks it is creepy and something is wrong with my throat. SO that is why I don't really care when it is one that makes most people cough, cause I could smoke it in like three days and still not cough, so I get all the benefits with none of the consequences.

    Thanks! :)
  18. hempplaya

    hempplaya Registered+

    that would go right with what i am going to be paying from this guy i'm just hookin up with. 20/g-60 for an 1/8- 100 for a 1/4 and i'd say most likely 185 for a 1/2. if you don't mind me askin where abouts are you?
  19. dopehouse

    dopehouse Registered+

    man thats so shiny bud
  20. AllInADaysWork

    AllInADaysWork Registered+

    What camera is thaT!!

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