New here! Can answer MMJ industry questions if any are interested! :)

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Tawts, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Tawts

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    Hello everyone,
    New to here but definitely not new to cannabis. I've been in the Arizona Medical Marijuana industry for over 5 years. Have done everything from being a Patient Service representative to working under our master grower so I have a great feel for all aspects of the job. I'd be happy to answer any questions related to the industry and my experience in it.

    For those who don't know the Arizona MMJ market is dominated by three or four large industrial-like dispensaries who are slowly buying out the others and cornering the wholesale market.

    Our dispensary is a very small business compared to these. We are patient-focused and take pride in the medicine we put forth and have no interest in appealing to the recreational market; Only providing the highest quality medicine and knowledge to our patients.

    We are just now encountering problems that others have maybe solved years ago, particularly towards curing and bulk storage. Curing cannabis has been a large priority for us because we understand the importance, unfortunately we're plagued with the inability to store this efficiently as our harvests continue to yield higher amounts and our business and product diversity grows.
    We are currently storing using the largest available CVaults, and Boveda to maintain appropriate humidity. Does anyone have experience in more efficient methods?

    Here's some pictures for you all! I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!
  2. dannybuddy

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  3. Richie White

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    Hello Tawts,
    I am glad to see this thread. I am currently working on editing a business, operation, quality assurance, and securities plan for a group that is trying for one of the twelve licenses being distributed in Ohio. If you have any links or samples of some other states plan or possibly your own, so I can compare this one to I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank You.....
  4. EdMojo

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    would like your opinion on cannabis inhalers? Any experience , thoughts?
  5. Tawts

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    I only have experience with "Vapen" brand inhalers here in AZ. I noticed it made my throat very irritated when using, similar to the feeling of vape cartridges that use PEG as the thinning agent. I have heard from everyone who has used these that they experience the same discomfort, no matter the brand. Personally I would reccommend a distillate cartridge with "reintroduced" terpines from the cannibis plant itself as opposed to "all natural" terpines that can come from a different plant over an inhaler if a patient is looking for discreet medication.

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