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Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by Automater, Jun 18, 2016.

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    Hi guys, I am looking to convert a section of my pole barn into 2 flower rooms, both are 10'x16'.

    As of now it's just 4x6 poles and tin siding on the exterior. I'm planning on running two separate rooms, each with an 8x8 tray holding 120 plants each (sog) with 4 1200 watt hps lights on each. My questions are, what is the absolute best way to insulate it?

    Also, I'm looking at picking up a couple 90-150 pint dehumidifies, what's the top of the line? I've been looking at honeywells. I need input on ac units as well as co2 producers and controllers. I've got about 20k to throw at this thing and I want it to be done as well as possible. Input from experienced growers much appreciated.

    What is the absolute ideal setup guys!?

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    Way outta my league, as I would think of most folks on here are just casual growers consuming what they're growing. Good luck!
  3. raymont

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    Got pics...? of the barn
  4. Automater

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    I certainly could snap a few but it's pretty straightforward, 4x6 poles on 10' centers, tin lap siding exterior and gravel floor. Ceiling height is right around 10'. I think I'm just going to do 4" of spray in closed cell insulation then 5/8" plywood followed by reflectix panels. Might line the far exterior with some 8mil plastic...

    As far as quality AC units and 90+ pint dehumidifiers? Anyone?
  5. raymont

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    Build it. Test the heat and humidity empty. It will change once you get plants in as far as humidity. You can do the math by sq footage but you really need to see what you have to start with and craft that to your needs. Then again you may want a closed room with CO2. As far as insulation and build I like where your going with the insulation plywood build. You can also paint it flat white to save money on relectix. And if its not a closed room your ventilation may control humidity well enough. A lot of variables.
  6. gardenermendo

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    For insulation, just price compare vs. rating at your local hardware like Home Depot. Price compare plywood vs. sheet rock. White sheet rock is pretty reflective.
    When I built my room in my garage, I put up sheet insulation followed by sheet rock, including the ceiling, so that it could be converted to a recreation room later if needed. I painted all with white latex paint. My garage is now insulated better than my house, LOL.

    I put in one swamp cooler, from Home Depot, to handle cooling. Look at them closely, because you'll want to put them on a temperature control unit, and you'll want the swamp cooler to go back on after it's cycled off. I had to return one unit to get another that worked the way I wanted it. But it saves a ton of electricity costs vw. air conditioning.

    I have a huge scrubber to clean exhaust air, I have neighbors too close.

    You'll need a dehumidifier, large, to be able to reduce your humidity during the last weeks of bloom.

    I have everything on timers and temperature controls such that I can be absent for 24 hours or more when needed. I tried drip irrigation, but found I couldn't make all locations drip at the same necessary amount so it would need more engineering.
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    Ask us specific questions... not 'what is the ideal setup'. Different people do it slightly different, so yours won't be exactly the same as everyone elses. Do a thorough design process before you start.
    Go to youtube and google 'Cannabis grow rooms', here is one:

    and another:
  8. Automater

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    I am asking specific questions.

    - What is the single best way to insulate a pole barn?

    - What is the best quality 90-150 pint dehumidifier available?

    - What is the most accurate, reliable Co2 controller available?

    - What are the best quality 1-2 ton Air Conditioning units available?

    I have the design done, I don't need YouTube links to room designs. I'm basically looking for product reviews for equipment from people who have used them.

    I realize there is no one single ideal setup and that each person may do things a bit differently, I'm asking for those peoples opinions on top quality equipment. I'm trying to avoid purchasing equipment that's garbage.

    Any relevant input greatly appreciated.


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