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Discussion in 'South Carolina (SC)' started by jayrollinhippy, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. jayrollinhippy

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    Well folks looks like South Carolina might be becoming a bit more progressive in it's cannabis laws. Most people dont know it but South Carolina has had A medical marijuana law on the books since 1980. This law has mostly been a sham because it has been tied to federal policiy . But in the last week a new medical bill has been introduced into our legislation as well as an industrial hemp cultivation act. Now thats A change for a bible belt state. So if any other South carolinians are out there write your state reps to support this new legislation.

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  2. hazetwostep

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    good news... i am moving to SC this summer... i could use a break from tight laws like we have in Jersey where i live now
  3. latewood

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    yeah. made the frontpage of some papers. might not take long either. The current trend is to get behind these "Bills" and pass them.
  4. jayrollinhippy

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    Well the medical bill has been introduced but haven't heard any thing more.Just a short blurb on one of the local TV stations along with what appeared to be an anti bias.slant..

    OK Hazetwostep the laws in SC are quite strict over a $460. fine for a first simple poccesion charge of one ounze or less. Even a roach will put you behind bars till you can raise bail. You have to remember this is a Bible Belt state. Full of ignorant peckerwoods.
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    hey jay rollin hippy.....i'm from the bennettsville/marlboro county area in the midlands now. remember the afghan that used to come out of cheraw back around '85-'88? that was some mighty fine stuff!
  6. jayrollinhippy

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    hey scooter jay its still being grown there just have to know the right people lol
  7. whitewolfofsc

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    I would be glad to see the ;aws relaxed more here. If med-pot becomes approved, I will be the first there trying to get my card. Having eye problems and depression, I should be approved. Try having Nystagmus, and your eyes keep twitching back and forth 24/7. During the time that I smoke, my eyes become still, and I can actually see BETTER when I am using cannabis.

    White Wolf
  8. latewood

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    I am trying to free up time and go volunteer at the local office...would lovew to be on the frontpage the day the Bill passes.
  9. oldsanclem

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    Hay Lakewood where is the local office in beaufort.
    Cal med is great , I would rather take pot than the damn morfine.
    Let me know
  10. MtPBuds

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    Every person in south carolina who enjoys a recreational or medical smoke needs to write his representatives. Write to inform them of the positive effects of legalizing medical marijuana. This is the only way that we can get these bills to advance.

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