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    Greetings to the board:

    I have dealt with acute/chronic severe pain for a number of years while being a productive law abiding citizen. I have been trying to manage the pain, and still work full time by taking legally prescribed pain meds. The effects of the ever increasing quantity of the pharmacological pills were harmful, as well as eventually ineffective because of tolerance my body was developing. I recently decided to take control of my pain management with Cannabis. The pain relief was immediate!. Within days, I quit taking the pain meds. I was enjoying the ability to walk longer distances, and regained use of numbing fingers that was affecting my ability to play bass guitar, which is my passion. My life was turning around.

    A few weeks ago at work, I was pulled aside for "reasonable suspicion" for a surprise drug test conducted at a local lab. My place of employment has a zero tolerance/drug free work place policy. I do not operate dangerous equipment, or drive a vehicle. I work mostly in an office cubicle. I tested + for THC metabolites and was given the left foot of fellowship. I was told by an insider that I was observed leaving the local head shop. That was the unofficial cause for the "reasonable suspicion". I am in the process of moving from this small town.

    I was shocked, and the shock turned to anger at the system. I quit smoking Cannabis, and was able to find another job within 2 weeks. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise because I am enjoying a 25% pay bump. :) . I am back on pain meds, and of course, the pain is worse than ever. As I write this, I have almost been awake 24 hours. I cannot sleep because of the pain. I decided to focus my pain and anger into activism. I just volunteered to solicit signatures for a proposed state constitutional amendment to be placed on the November 2014 ballot.

    I have decided to remain Cannabis free, and allow my pain to inspire me as I go knocking on doors, and working to make this a reality. The unregistered lurker traffic that this forum attracts is likely to have many Ohio residents reading. I urge all Ohio residents to get involved. Sign the petition, and go vote yes in November. Better yet, volunteer to solicit signatures.

    I am not sure If I have permission to paste a link to the website of the organization spearheading this effort. In the mean time, do a web search. It is easy to find.

    PS, the amendment will also legalize non-euphoric, industrial hemp.

    Thank you for reading this post. I want to urge my fellow Buckeyes to join me.

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