New mmp looking for meds

Discussion in 'Rhode Island (RI)' started by itsjturc401, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. itsjturc401

    itsjturc401 Registered

    New mmp looking for meds at a decent price. Both my care givers are out of meds, and paying street prices sucks. Please let me know, interested in edibles also
  2. legitmeds

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    It would not be legal for any other patient or caregiver to receive compensation from you for meds. Meaning, they could give you meds but not charge you. You would have to drop one of your caregivers and pick up a new one inorder to be legitimate. Good luck with your problem. How is it that you have 2 caregivers and neither of them has meds? Seems to me like you need new caregivers.

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