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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ProudInfidelGal, Aug 7, 2016.

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    So, I'm sort of new to the whole "cannabis scene". I smoked again for the first time about a year ago after not having smoked for about 15 years. I have mixed feelings on it all. I was raised in a law enforcement family and so smoking weed was looked down on. Then I met my husband and he shattered my preconceived ideas about smoking weed. He is high functioning while high and very responsible. Not the "pot head" picture my parents painted for me as being lazy good for nothings. While having kids, neither of us used and then we went through an incredibly emotional and physically stressful time. I'll spare you the details, but my husband recognized I was on the verge of a break down and gently reintroduced marijuana as a medicinal therapy. It helped. A lot. So now, I'm searching for ways I can address various issues with my health. I am already getting into aromatherapy oils, diet and vitamins, but marijuana is such a new thing for me and it's health properties are still being discovered. I'm hoping to find something to help me combat the chronic pain I'm experiencing from botched dental surgery that has left me with a constant piercing pain in my jaw and face. I don't want to be on narcotics and it's affecting my ability to care for my family. I need to gain back my energy and vitality. So here I am. On a quest to utilize anything that will safely and effectively help me reach that goal. Hello... My name is Lori.
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    Hi Lori!

    My wife and I smoke and take care of a 17 month old boy. It can be a challenge sometimes to combat the sedative effects that most cannabis causes, but there are ways around it. I have learned to pace myself at a lower energy level, helps a lot since I work 3 jobs now and I don't have time to rest much. I've been smoking half my life now(I'm 32 and I started when I was 16) and to me it's more normal to be stoned most of the time. My wife likes to monitor her smoking more and also blend different strains to achieve the desired effect. She starts out with 2 or 3 hits and maintains it from there. She won't do anything difficult like driving or balancing the checkbook after smoking though lol and she's only been smoking a few years so far.

    There are literally thousands of different strains and even 2 plants of the same strain can be vastly different. The only way to find the right strain is to experiment, unfortunately, as different people experience it differently so you can't always even go by recommendation. I hope you can find relief, I know dental pain can be extremely uncomfortable.
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    ["redtails, post: 2330057, member: 159881"]
    Thanks for the input! I'm reading a lot of descriptions for various strains and taking in my own experiences with downers knowing that I am very responsive and have to even be careful with prescription drugs like demerol is a no no for me (makes me drooling stupid even in small doses). I laugh when people say they've never heard of someone OD'ing on pot. The first time I smoked, I tried to keep up with far more experienced smokers with a very strong strain. I stopped breathing and passed out. Freaked everyone out. So, I know to take it slow and know the sensations to look for to know when I've hit my limit. Right now, it's just been a relaxer recently to combat anxiety. I only use it at night after I've put my kids to bed and I go immediately to bed. Best sleep I have is after a little smoke. Mind doesn't race and I don't toss and turn. We just get a little here and there from friends and everyone is so nervous with it being legalized to use but not yet to buy/sell. Really hoping they do their research and get a really good dispensary with knowledgeable staff soon.
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    Hi ya'll..I am in Richmond Virginia. I like to smoke. I am 52 years old and I am trying to figure out where to go to buy some. I have no idea where to start. Any ideas? Because of my age I'm afraid I will look like a narc or something. Ugg.
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    We can't tell you that. What you're asking for is a violation of the rules.
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    Looks promising.
  8. RaysLiquorSauce

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    Welcome aboard!
  9. Weezard

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    Mylar "no stink" bags
    They work well if you wash your sticky finger residue from the outside after filling the bag.
    Just google "smell proof bags".

    Wee 'zard
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    Re reading your post ~ I understand more ~ I've a similar thing ~ stopped for years ~ well ~ couple days ago I huffed a few huffs ~ was very very ~ loaded ~ I guess is the word ~ well ~ there is a unhappy situation ~ and ~ it came upon me ~ like a ton of bricks ~ lasted all day and night ~ left me ~ with the dread ```

    I've smoked since the 50s ~ and ~ I've never grown ~ anything ~ near as ~ can't think of a word to describe ~ maybe strong ~ of course ~ it was a finger sized ~ but still ~ some coughing ~ and I had to admit ~ never had any ~ as ~ again I can't find the right word ```

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    Mo' betta?
    I re-use the cheap ones :)

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