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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by noty johnson, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. noty johnson

    noty johnson Registered+

    Two week old WW sprout. Overall it looks great, but the first set of real leaves look like they are trying to turn upside down. The plant is very green, and has started really growing the last few days. It was stunted somewhat the first week, I think because the soil im using has too much phosphorous (scotts seed starting soil)

    Any idea why the leaves are doing that?

    I have it under a 400 HPS but its nearly 3 feet away. It just went under that a few days ago, but I *think* it was starting to do this even under a CFL. The temp is around 71. I PH the water, and havent given it any nutes as of yet.

    I want to transplant it to my aero setup but i'm worried it still too small.

    thanks in advance, i cant figure it out

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  2. Smokealotapotamus

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    im no expert but id say theyre burning from the 400 watt
  3. Smokealotapotamus

    Smokealotapotamus Registered+

    u should veg them under some cfls and wait till they get a lil bit bigger before you put them under the 400 watt, just to be safe
  4. dutch.lover

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    hmm i had seedlings do that, i thought it was just faulty genetics but after the first 2 sets of real leaves they corrected themselves- hopefully urs do too. i hadn't given them any nutes or anything either. if anyone knows the cause of this i would be delighted.
  5. noty johnson

    noty johnson Registered+

    pretty certain its not the light as they were doing it under the cfl and the light is nearly 3' away

    not to mention it isnt yellow at all, and new growth is happening all over the place. I also have some other sprouts under it and they are doing great.

    Hopefully its just a fluke and will straighten out, not bad genetics.

    Anyone else seen this?
  6. dutch.lover

    dutch.lover Registered+

    ps- i don't think it's the lighting either, mine were under a T5. there was also another seedling in with the demented ones which was just fine.
  7. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    I have a 1000 watt light that wouldn't do that to any plant from 3 feet. Noty; you are really starting to scare me now....your plants do some strange things.
  8. noty johnson

    noty johnson Registered+

    ya im scaring me too. if one ever survives what i put it through, i'll have to send you a clone because that plant, is one strong ass plant.
    (sorry,out of it)
  9. greenmanondeck

    greenmanondeck Registered

    dam i killed my plants
  10. rah

    rah Registered+


    Hay Noty,

    I am new at this also.

    Your plants seem small to me.
    The medium seems dry.
    Do you have good dirt?
    How much are you watering?
    I am trying to be helplful.
    My plants are about 5" high.
    Good Luck!

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  11. Tiggernutts

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    Noty I had one looked the same way, and it has turned out to be the best of my girls give it a little while and see what happens. Good luck
  12. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    You could make a million on that clone--would survive WMD. Here's the part that freaks me out: you've worked extremely hard on this and that plant looks like someone dropped a brick on it or something. I know we have had discussions about your methods etc...I can't figure what is happening to your plants!! It just seems that it would have to be something pretty glaring to do that to your babies. Like a tornado......
  13. noty johnson

    noty johnson Registered+

    So this morning it has a ton of new growth, and looks perfect (minus the original leaves mind you). I think it will be just fine.

    I also have 3 other sprouts coming up in rockwool cubes, they look totally fine.

    I know my the soil the "big" sprout is in is not ideal, probably the reason the others didnt make it, and the reason this one looks weird.

    The pictures really dont do it justice.. it looks extremely healthy, that one set of leaves are just curly.
  14. noty johnson

    noty johnson Registered+

    I have a big ceiling fan on in the room the plants are in (plants in the closet)

    This soil i have dries out very fast on top. I can water it right now and in 2 hours the top looks real (is real dry).

    However it is moist once you get a few inches down ( i have a meter)

    I dont know if its the fan, the light, or the soil, but the top dries out very quickly
  15. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    now I'm which part worked?
  16. noty johnson

    noty johnson Registered+

    what do you mean which part worked?

    nothing really worked.. the first real set of leaves are still curled up.. Just lots of new growth that looks great... The plant has been growing great, it just looks screwed up :Rasta:
  17. dutch.lover

    dutch.lover Registered+

    yeah that's exactly what happened to mine...weird. maybe it's just shitty quality seeds or somethin.

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