New Research Into the Effectiveness of Cannabis for Autism

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    "Scientists in Israel are conducting open clinical trials utilizing whole plant cannabis in search of an autism spectrum disorder treatment after stumbling upon a tremendous observation in an unrelated study.

    Bonni Goldstein M.D., resident medical expert and published author, said the early evidence shows autism is a result of genetic mutations and a deficit in the endocannabinoid system. Goldstein noted, “one case report and numerous anecdotal reports [have revealed] that cannabinoids may help some children with this disorder have better communication, less repetitive behaviors, less anxiety, and better social interaction.”

    A study published in 2013 compared the number of cannabinoid receptors on blood cells in autistic children to aged-match healthy children. Researchers discovered a stark difference between children with autism and those without.

    The study showed that children with autism had more cannabinoid receptors on their white blood cells — the body was essentially increasing its intake valve as a way to consume more cannabinoids. This suggests a possible cannabinoid deficiency in children with autism spectrum disorder, researchers believe their data “indicate CB2 receptor as potential therapeutic target for the pharmacological management of the autism care.”

    The Israeli government gave Cann Pharmaceutical permission to observe autistic children taking medicinal cannabis. “We are [now] treating children with several types of cannabis to see which one works the best,” he said.

    According to Golan-Gild, the results thus far have been incredible. “We observed children speaking for the first time, several kids, which is tremendous. We observed kids stopping to be violent, stopping to have outbursts, stopping to bang their heads and cut themselves.”

    He pointed to the semblance of a normal life for his subjects. Things that most families take for granted, like riding a bus to school without a helmet, become significant achievements for kids accustomed to protective headgear and private transportation.

    And while these changes may sound small, they represent an end to the struggle with episodes of violence, panic, and various other major challenges related to the disorder — the difference after cannabis can be remarkable."

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