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Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by raymont, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. raymont

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    So I want to do a perpetual grow. I have 2 new lights. Need one more. One new light is finishing my 3x3 grow.
    New grow will have
    1) 120 watt quantum board in a 2x2 for seeds.
    2) 240 watt quantum board for 2x4 veg tent
    3) 550 watt quantum board for 4x4 grow.
    I have been using hlg 2.jpg blurple leds. After testing these quantum's its a no brainer.... no heat and blinding grow power. That seed is only 2 weeks old

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  2. raymont

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    OK due to ADHD Ive had a change of plans. I minimized my plans. this is it. Seedlings get low level light bottom right. Vegging under 120 upper right. Screens out but the scrog will fit perfect. Im gonna sell the extra grow stuff I dont need and buy one more light which would be over the top. another 240 for flower...but that may new tent.jpg
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  3. Wagonweed

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    Nice bush of buds there.

    Thats some pretty white light for ya call blurple. Looks like its working well!

    What are you growing in?
  4. raymont

    raymont Registered+

    In the past I used blurple lights. These are the new quantum boards. The light on the right is bright white 4000k. Left grow chamber has 3000k. Growing in soil. Minimum nutes. No pest sprays. No mites.
  5. Wagonweed

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    Cool, I haven't heard of them. I'll check them out.
  6. raymont

    raymont Registered+

    You'll be impressed. Google 288 v2 quantum boards.

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