new shoots lime green. leaves dark green. too many nutes???

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    what does it mean when the plant is dark green and healthy but the new shoots appearing are lime/flouresent green??? too much nutes or more?? i have a few plants also in deep water culture with misters. ive had a plant that looks like this and has stopped growing for about a month. just sits there like this. its about a foot and a half high. all my plants that stop growing have this green shoot thing. do i give more or less
    What is your experience level? novice,

    What type of hydro set-up are you running? rockwool slabs, top drip

    Your Equipment:
    A) Type and wattage of lights. 1000w hps
    B) Distance from tops? 2 feet
    C) Reflector type? wing, .)
    D) What are the bulb wattages, kelvin ratings, and schedule?
    E) Is there a consistent fresh air supply? yes
    F) Do you have an exhaust fan and a circulation fan? yes
    G) Size of reservoir? 20 gallon
    H) What medium if applicable. rockwool

    Your nutrients and water:
    I) If using rockwoll for clones or seedlings, did you rinse the cubes well, with properly ph'd water? yes
    J) Source of water. (tap or filtered) What's it's ph? filtred 7.0
    K) Specific brand and N-P-K ratio for each bottle. List dosages (quantity per gallon) and current feeding schedule.
    L) What is the ec/ppm of your unadjusted tap (or filtered) water? 0
    M) What is the ec/ppm of your nutrient solution? 1100 ppm
    N) What is the temperature of your nutrient solution? (reservoir high and low temps) 70
    O) Does your ec/ppm show a rise or fall when you do your daily PPM check?
    noQ) Do you foliar feedso, with what, how often, and at what time do you
    spray? (Just after lights come on, just before they go out...) no
    R) How often do you replace reservoir water/nutes? What does it look like before changes? (clear, foamy, green, brown...) once a week

    Your growroom:
    S) What size of closet, room or hut? room
    T) What are the temps and humidity levels while lights are on? 78 low humidity ...With lights off? 75
    U) Have you seen signs of insects in the growroom? no
    V) Are the roots long and white, or brown and slimy? brown

    Your strain:
    W) What strain are you growing? (Indica dominate or Sativa dom?) both
    X) From seeds or clones? clone
    Y) Is this an autoflower strain?
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    Without pics to go along, we can only guess....

    7.0 pH is too high for this method.... 5.5-5.8 is closer to where you want your pH.... If your water source is filtered, there is absolutely no way that the unadjusted ppm is zero.... You say your nute strength is at 1100ppms....what is in those ppms??? I mean, what nutes are you using to make up your recipe??? And how many ml's of each are you giving??? What size rockwool cubes you using??? How old are the plants that you are worried about???

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    ok the water is from a watermill express. the ppm is about 0.3 on my ppm meter (x 10 meter) so i guess 30ppm. gh maxi bloom powder at lowest recomended strength of 1100 (1 tsp per gallon). 3 " cubes on to 3 ft slabs. those are about 3 weeks old and just sitting dormant. the deep water is about 3 months old just about2 feet high. dark green with lime green shoots. with nutes my ph is right about at5.5- 6.0
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    first 2 pix is the plant im focusing on. the one next to it right has been that size since 3 months. all these were basically started at the same time. i have removed the yellowing fan leaves. as you can see the leaves are dark dull green and the shoot is floresant/lime green color. from what??? im assuming the nutes after 3 months i think id have a jungle with the deep water culture but everything just kinda stays the same
  6. Lazy Haze

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    with the DWC i dropped down to about 300 ppm and growth resumes but then stops and everything yellows. i slowly increase thew nutes but nothing happens
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    I think your problem is your nute recipe or lack of.... Hydro is very easy to mess up and well by the looks of your pics, it looks as though you haven't done enough research on the matter....

    Click on the link in my signature....PPMs Made Easy to Understand.... If you still have questions about nutes after reading the two page thread, come back here and ask.... But I honestly think a balanced nute recipe will make all the difference!!!


    Also - Are you using only 1 - 1000w lamp for all those plants??? If so, they'll do much better with a 1k over the buckets and the other over the cubes....
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    ive got a 400 w on the buckets . actually ive got 20 yrs doing this. just recentlt have i had major problems. i usually fill the res and watch the ppm meter. if the ppm increases i go down and if it increases i go ever. using gh 3 part and powder koolbloom first 3 weeks flr. i never am able to get the ppm above 800 ppm or the nute number increases or is the same as started when i top off and doesnt decrease anymore. usually everything gets stunted at about 28 days. i then flush and start the nutes at about 500 it back up but never get past 800 again. why is it that everyone can use these high n ute ppms and have no probs. if i follow your method( which i have previously ,of course it was suggested by someone to me years ago ) ,,,applied to my slabs( just started the DWC) it would be fine till 800ppm them everything would just freeze especially bud size about week 4 and then water intake stops and roots brown and die. i get HUGE stalks with little buds though they are tight. i have years ago using tthe same exact method, had buds the size of bananaz when dried so i know what my strain can do. i have slowly been getting wose and worse and have not been able to reproduce my fantastic results i had in the past. im now trying several different strains with my staple and have gone back to powdered fert to simplify. my recipe in the past was gh3 part. the 1-2-3 method 1 being grow 2 being micro,,3 bloom ratio. i used 2-2-2 ratio in grow veg.
    then 1-2-3 for trans.
    week 1 i go to 1-2-4 with 200ppm of powdered koolbloom
    week 2 0-2-4 200 koolbloom
    weelk 3 "
    week 4 0-1-4 200 kpplbloom
    week 5 "
    week 6 drop that ratio to 500ppm
    week 7 to end water at about 2-300 ppm
    is this recipe any good??
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    lso need to add that the main kola has almost no bud and huge stalk and the lower ones have the biggest tight buds. what ive noticed is when i go past 800ppm this happens. when i go lower or flush the main kola gets bigger and tighter and the lower buds get smaller almost nothing really. does this sound familiar to anything??? also used to have tight buds almost no leaf now i get major leafage and buds arent tight. someone please tell me u no wats up
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    when this happens the plaqnt leaves get dark green and shiney almost like plastic looking. them the new shoots get lime florescent green amost white and the new growth is small stunted. does this mean they need more fert or is that a sign its getting too much???? in otherv words if these were your plants and you saw this happening....what would u do, give more or less
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    Well if it definitely isn't the nute recipe....then I'm stumped....

    What has changed from the last successful no problem harvest to these??? Plants don't just decide to not grow efficiently....something has to be different.... How clean is the equipment??? Are there any light leaks into the dwc buckets res'??? Any light leaks into the space during dark hours??? When was the last time the light bulbs were changed???

    If it were I in this situation, I'd re-veg, take clones and start all over.... Clean the shit out of all equipment and make sure I stay on the right path....but that's just me.... Are you sure this prob has nothing to do with how you are feeding??? How long have you been growing hydro???

    I too use kool bloom in powder form....however I only use it during weeks 5 & 6 of flower....

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    20 years the same way .claening ,etc ive done all of that ....thats why imfreaked. if i dont use kool bloom right away,,,buds never just keeps growing like its in veg. this is probably the 4th time ill be starting over .....i had clones going in the 3 " cubes ...then when i put them on the slabs the roots turn brown and die. ive always had slight dificulty in fwr but never in veg ,,,now i do. thats why i went to the DWC. hopefully a new system will work. i was told ive been overwatering. through this whole thing my roots have been terrible. there have been timesin the successful past that the roots came out of the bags right into the res. maybe ive just lost my green thumb
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    now are the roots browning because theyre getting too much water, nutes, not enough water?? btw im in veg now still with everything. im tryin to get the slab clones to start growing. normally this took about a week
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    It's likely that the roots turn brown (rot) from too much moisture, too often, in the cubes....if they aren't stained from nutes....

    You still haven't answered my nute mix question.... So what exactly does your nute mix consist of??? And at what rate of each???

    DWC is freakin awesome!!! Oh, what size air pump you running for/in them buckets??? I've grown 1/4lb per bucket after 11 days of veg and 49 days of I can speak from experience on those.... However I have absolutely zero experience with rockwool I can't really say 100% what is effecting them...

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    gh maxi powder series. ill get the npk when the lights are on. boy i sure hope you can help with DWC its my first time and i dont really know anything about it. the guy who sold me the system said he would help but he freaked or something cause he quit selling systems so im kinda on a limb.what you see in the DWC arw some clones i had in 3" rockwool cubes. i was planning on this rockwool batch so i just popped them in the basket with some rocks so i could veg them for the rw clones. when i started they were about 8 " tall. i must have given them too many nutes because they all froze and the fan leaves that were the size of my hand before i topped them ( needed clones ) were the size of a siver dollar coming in. i had no roots coming out the baskets and the last thing this guy told me was to go to 200ppm for a few then to 500ppm, so i did and nothing happened. thats when i lost touch with him. finally i got the guts to go up and did to 700. then 800 i emptied the res and just ran 200ppm. the plants picked up but then stopped. i slowly went up to 800 again. got some action. then stopped and now at 1100 for about 5 days and that is what you see in the DWC. id appreciate some tips...recipies suggestions to help me with this. im going to fwr whats shown ( need meds bad)and then start a new DWC only batch. i could sure use a mentor
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    The maxi-gro and bloom are advertised as stand alone nutes with macro and micro nutes.... I personally do not like this because it's all mixed up for you and you cannot adjust the levels of each macro or micro nutes....

    You should use those for your vegetables or flowers in your outdoor non-cannabis plants and get yourself the liquid 3-part from GH for ya meds....the flora series - FloraGro, FloraMicro and FloraBloom....they're inexpensive when compared to advanced nutrients.... Also get yourself some Cal-Mag and Liquid Karma for micro nutes....and some Vitamin B-1 for plant vigor.... I seriously think the problems you're having is due to your nute mix....

    Also, did you leave the rockwool cubes on the plants you have in the dwc buckets???

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    ive got the GH 3 part and cal mag . i used gh 3 part for 20 yrs. when i had these probs with that, iwent to the powder to simplify to see if the results were different and i was mixing a bad recipe. theyre the same so ill go back to gh3 pt as you suggest. yes i had the rockwool cubes in the net pots. i got the system and had the clones cubed so i just poppped them in to veg to get clones with some rocks on top. is this retaining too much moisture?? ill get the karma and B1. BTW is my nute recipe i listed earlier seem in the ballpark???
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    You haven't given the amounts per nute that makes up your current recipe.... I suggest doing a ppm test per nute to find out how much of what gives, so you can get the desired ppms....that's explained in the PPMs made easy to understand link....

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