New Spider Mite Treatment!!!

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by AquaponicHerb, Mar 22, 2010.

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    Look no further. There are new products on the market now for spider mites which are inherently organic, and many are still going through testing. It appears they all kill the eggs as well as mites but don't hurt the plant. I went to the hydro store and this guy tried to sell me the stuff at $60 a spray bottle, and told me it was the best for mites.

    I told him I would probably need about 5 spray bottles to get all of the leaves on my 6' plants, which he agreed. He added that I should do it every 14 days...

    5 bottles every 14 days for 2 months of flowering, thats $1200!!!!

    I think the guy thought I was stupid or something, because right on the front of the bottle there was a list of ingredients.

    An fancy chemical emulsifier, and Rosemary oil.

    Thats it.

    So I asked him, "Hey could'nt i just buy some Rosemary oil and mix it with a soap and use that for 1/20th the price?"

    He looked shocked... then picked up the bottle and read it. He said "Yea, I think this this is just Rosemary oil and an emulsifier...."

    When I got home, I did some research on Rosemary oil. Theres data out and here is just 1 of the links along with a link for Rosemary Oil at GNC for just $7.

    I wish someone would have posted this info awhile ago. Gee it sure would have saved me some time.


    Rosemary oil:
    Now® Rosemary Oil - NNF - GNC
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    Well thanks for posting it now AquaponicHerb! :thumbsup:

    I've been diligently fighting the little vamp, borgs for almost a month now. I treated last week with Neem solution,.. AGAIN.

    But have been told NOT to use Neem past 2 weeks of flower (I am at 4). I haven't seen any THIS week yet. But with four, or more to go. I'm wondering if this rosemary oil solution can be applied during flower??

    Just in case. :wtf:
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    I'm going to be working on a formula and encourage some debate on this thread. I've tried a sample of the new product in the $60 bottles and it works great and smells great. I'm guessing you would taste the Rosemary, but it would be hard to believe it could hurt you; maybe smoking the oil itself would be bad.

    The products that contain Rosemary claim you spray it right before eating the vegetables.

    I just don't have an answer but I suspect its much like neem oil in that you can use it but will affect taste if done too closely to harvest...
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    This late in flower I would go with pyrithrum bombs they are organic and can be done a day before harvest. You can also use Azamax. We have been fighting the redspotted mites for months and the only thing that is killing them off is the azamax. It is some awsome stuff. A few more times and i think we are done with them and the best part of the azamax is 20 dollars and i could treat mites for a year.
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    To be very honest the only way I found that was a sure way to kill all of the buggers and eggs was to harvest everything.remove all the pots,soil,buckets,sprayers,fans,etc.
    double bomb the room with Raid wait a few days and bomb again with a totally different poison and then

    START AGAIN from scratch and never, never, never, let anyone else around the grow. and don't accept cuttings from other folks
    without a clean room intervention,before moving them into your grow!

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    meh,nuculear ware fare on my end.....floramite 2 weeks into veg noooooooo problems..

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