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Discussion in 'Massachusetts (MA)' started by Nakk1221, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Nakk1221

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    Hey everyone. I'm new to all this. I am getting tired of mooching off of my friends and I want to get some of my own. Anyone have any tips? Where to go? How to recognize a seller? How to tell its good? Average prices?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Weezard

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  3. EvilCartman

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    I knew there was a MA section hiding somewhere...

    Pretty dusty. ;)
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  4. emilya

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    most of us here grow our own. We don't buy from sellers.
  5. Weezard

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    And 95% of these, so called, sellers, are actually just garden variety thieves.
    Though I'd love to have even one of these jerks prove me wrong, it has yet to happen.

    They are shitting on the rules by spamming in the first place.
    So, not honest people to begin with, yah?
    Offering to commit felonies for strangers "found on web" is not a reasonable act.
    No sane, rational, honest dispenser will do that.
    But LEO will!

    So there's the possible exposure of your location and/or identity if you engage.
    "Entrapment" is no defense against documented conspiracy to commit a felony.

    "In criminal law, entrapment is a practice whereby a law enforcement agent induces a person to commit a criminal offense that the person would have otherwise been unlikely to commit. It is a conduct that is generally discouraged and thus, in many jurisdictions, it's a possible defense against criminal liability."

    And that goes both directions, yah?

    Have nothing to do with these spam n scam bozos.
    Save your dollars for dirt, seeds and lights.

    Just my humble opinion, based on critical thinking. :)

    Aloha, and play safe,
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