New to Cannabis consumption and had a bit of a problem

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    Great to be a party of this community!

    I am new to cannabis and I have to say that I ran into a bit of a problem. I have searched online and found there were significant amount of others who experienced something somewhat to what I have. Allow me to briefly explain. I ended up making some cannabis oil a few months back and put it in my tea. It was great. Relaxing, even helped me sleep better. That's it. No crazy experience just relaxation and better sleep. After 3 weeks of 4 consumptions a week I decided to "double up" on my dosage and see what happens. Well, let me tell you, I was pacing my apartment for 5 ours while going in an out of conscientious thought and waves of paranoia. LOL. Anyway, I had an ever so slight and annoying dizziness to my head for about 10 days then it went away entirely. (and no the cannabis was not laced as I knew how it was sourced and was legit and reliable). Well I ended up getting some new cannabis. Two batches worth (perhaps one was older then the other or they were different strains, I do not know). One batch I made into oil and the other I left as is. I tried a much smaller dosage of the oil just to play it safe. I got a tad anxious but that was it. So I waited 48 hours and tried again. Again, a tad anxious. In the end, I think I was just so nervous as to what happened last time that I worked myself up a bit. So I decided that maybe ingesting is just not for me. So the very next day I vaped with cannabis that I obviously did not convert to oil. I did four mild puffs within 5 minutes (I didn't even close my mouth all the way on the tube so that I breathed in air as well as vape). I got slightly relaxed and it helped me sleep. I then did it the very next day again. Same result. THEN, 48 hours later (I had done no vaping or ingesting) I suddenly felt a rush to my face and tingling over my body. It was very severe, but my first thought was the recognition that it had something to do with cannabis. I remember trying not to panic as to why I suddenly had this feeling while sitting on a couch and talking, but I went to bed. Then for the next 11 days (today being the 11th day) I felt a variety of anxiety, dizziness, a heaviness to my head where I want to lay down for a bit and so on. Now the anxiety has lessened in the last 3 days. I had a bit of anxiety this morning but overall I see some improvement. But I still have some dizziness and "heavy headedness" and if I focus to much on it, I admit that anxiety can trigger more anxiety and other feelings as described above. So I can't brush aside the fact that some of this is perhaps intensified by psychology.

    All to say, has anyone experienced this before? Should I be worried? Is this permanent? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Do I just need to ride this out and know it will all be okay soon?

    And by the way, I'm not on any meds, I have never had any psychological issues by which I needed to see a therapist. I am, as far as I can tell, a healthy 34 year old male with wife and kids and just want to get a peace of mind as to when this will end and hopefully relate to others.
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    And e komo mai!

    Should have opened with age and gender. I'm reading and my head keeps saying coincidental hot flashes. :)

    I haven't, but I'm sure someone here will be able to relate.
    Worried? Hard to say. Seems worry is a part of it.
    Permanent? I sincerely doubt it.
    Light? Yes, but it's probably a train. :)
    Ride? I'm not qualified to advise, but that's what I would do.
    Above all, a sense of humor will carry you through.

    Been a heavy weed smoker for 50 years and have had a few awesome experiences with exceptional weed.
    But never had a "flashback" that I recall.
    Let's hope someone chimes in who actually knows about your experience and can advise.

    Keep calm .Bake on.
    Wee 'zard
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    Hello, I'm in a constant state of confusion so I thought I could relate.

    I too have smoked pot for awhile (60yrs?) but have been vapeing for the last ten,
    first green material and then concentrates like absolute oil. Love to dab. Plus I have
    experimented with various other pharm products. But...

    ...sorry, I can't quite relate. Time travel, wild paranoia, and maybe delusions are all in my wheelhouse.

    See advice is very good. Remember the words of Hunter S. Tompson,
    "I can't
    recommend to anyone drinking, drugs or schizophrenia, but they have always worked for me."


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    I wouldn't worry. You just consumed more than your used to. Anxiety has a tendency to feed on itself with self idealizations. I'd recommend not consuming anything for at least 30 days minimum, then going back to light use. Also, you might want to change to a pure indica next time, and gradually use strains with more sativa over time. It's a slow thing. You hear people saying if your a medical user, the minimum THC should be around 15%. One needs to work up to that. Also, you should seriously think about using a strain with lot's of CBD in it. CBD can really tone down the anxiety and paranoia issues. I still think you should use less. If all your getting is sleepy, then your strain is mostly indica. But even then, you have to be careful about how much you use if your new to cannabis.

    The brain is a quirky thing, but staying off cannabis for a month or more, then just using in small amounts for a while should help a lot.
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    Pupp, Thank you for that! It's good to know that I shouldn't worry and that I will eventually get better.

    I will DEFINITELY take it much slower if I so choose to consume/inhale again. I will take a long "vacation" from this just to make sure I am fully purge. :)
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    I can't relate, sorry. Many of us started decades ago when the THC content was much lower. Maybe we built up a tolerance through the years but I have never had any problems other than a little paranoia and that was years ago. I can drink and smoke most people under the table. What can I say, I'm Irish...
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    What can I say I'm Irish...
    You can start with an apology. And here I was starting to like you. (typed with tongue firmly planted in cheek)
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    I guess it depends on why and your tolerance. I use it daily for back pain. Usually I put a dropper full of hash tincture in my morning coffee, puff when I get home after work (helps the pain but I'm looking for couch lock at this point) and a cana cap before bed. For years every time the weather changed I'd be in severe pain. Since using daily for the past year plus this hasn't happened. Without a doubt I feel better!


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