New to Charlotte, NC(Ballantyne)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ncwolverine, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. ncwolverine

    ncwolverine Registered

    Recently relocated to Charlotte and I am growing tired of the drive back to NE Ohio. Would like to meet some like minded friends in the area. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  2. martymarty

    martymarty Registered

    Welcome to NC. If you do a search you will find a thread on Charlotte, NC. There are many like minded people around.
  3. Xyz505

    Xyz505 Registered+

    welcome to pot country
  4. ncwolverine

    ncwolverine Registered

    i keep hearing that its everywhere, so far no luck though. not good during football season.
  5. martymarty

    martymarty Registered

    Try doing a search on North Carolina here. There are some other Charlotte threads. This is harvest time so more will coming in the next month of so.......
  6. ncwolverine

    ncwolverine Registered

    so who wants to show me around town?
  7. protag

    protag Registered

    i too am in charlotte and looking for like minded people... anybody out there?
  8. mrfeelgood

    mrfeelgood Registered

    I am too from Charlotte and am looking to hang with like minded, cool people. I live by the University.:jointsmile:
  9. BHopzMylon

    BHopzMylon Registered

    I am currently located very close to Charlotte, chillin with like minded people would be phenominal... :smokin:
  10. jtsik330

    jtsik330 Registered+

    I live in greensboro but spend alot of time in Charlotte. Usually party around the UNCC area...
  11. chromesons

    chromesons Registered

    I wish, right now I was in Charlotte. I just love so many things about Charlotte but still haven't explored the best place.
  12. vanquisheder

    vanquisheder Registered

    I'm interested in some of the best places of charlotte. Anyone?
  13. art-minded

    art-minded Registered

    Hi there in new to this site joined today:) I am like minded and just moved to fort mill area. Are u still around?
  14. art-minded

    art-minded Registered

    Hook me up i cent find anything. Lol
  15. Cypher_420

    Cypher_420 Registered

    I am also new to the Fort Mill area and also looking for like minded people. Having a hard time finding anything right now.

    BOB LOBLAW Registered

    Anyone? Anything? I just moved here and am desperate. I may drive the 5 hours back to Virginia Beach just to get some and come back.

    South Charlotte near arboretum here
  17. tipz

    tipz Guest

    Lets Go Blue Devils !

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