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Discussion in 'Pennsylvania (PA)' started by IPOGI, Aug 27, 2016.

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    Hey everyone,
    I'm new on here and just moved to allentown pa and I dont know anyone out here except for family. Long story short me and my wife are looking for people to hang out with. Maybe go out hiking there is so much beautiful nature out here. If anyone wants to chat or hangout, or even just give me tips on what there is to do in the area please let me know.
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    I moved here (Vermont) 38 years ago and gave up on finding people to hang with, play music with or much of anything else or that matter. That the OL was born and raised right in this town and has family here didn't help us a bit in that regard either. I can still drive four hours down to Boston, Ma. and visit with friends and family and dig up a jam session no problem. So good luck with your social lie in the new location.
  3. IPOGI

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    Yea im lucky enough to have good friends from the army who can come and visit. I just wished it was easier to find like minded individuals especially now a days

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