New to idaho wheres he green

Discussion in 'Idaho (ID)' started by jcrook5, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. jcrook5

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    I know where all the bud is down south but i havent got a clue about up here. Can anyone explain the scene to me. Im in boise and just moved here this summer. I havent really asked around becasue i get the feeling its not very bud freindly, but once again im new and could be wrong. Also what are the prices for the different grades of weed, and what kinds of stains are mostly found up here. Id appreciate any feed back.

    And what tha fuck, out of the whole country adn theres 3 threads for idaho. all the tokers must be in hiding
  2. akornpatch

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    it's in them thar hills man.

    ANAVRIN RX Registered+

    I feel the same way, I went to a Pepper, The Expendables concert, and NO ONE was smoking, wtf. Anyway I think I should go back to cali, I am failing to see what Idaho has to offer. Seriously lame wages, cold weather and no bud. lame. no offense to any idahoans, just correct me! lol.
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    College town,there's got to be weed there.Try up north in Hayden.They just passed a city resolution to quit busting for pot.Should be lots of it up there now.

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    lol yeah i figured since it was a college town there would be lots, but if you go down to bsu on a friday or saturday night, its totally quiet, nothing going on. very sad.
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    Ha... fuck all you hatin on Bompton... If you cant find great bud you're an idiot... and what shit do you expect happening late friday-saturday nights on campus... Parties are at houses homie (usually nearby campus). bud is getting expensive tho... which is bullshit... 25/50$ half/eighth. 150/300$ halfo/o are the usual prices in boise. ive seen people selling o's for over 350$... fuckers...
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