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Discussion in 'Utah (UT)' started by YonderMTN, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. YonderMTN

    YonderMTN Registered

    Howdy All!

    Just moved to SLC from Nevada City, CA and would love to connect with some like minded heads!

    peace hugs nugs
  2. YonderMTN

    YonderMTN Registered

    If anyone would like to get together and puff sometime give me a shout. I
  3. YonderMTN

    YonderMTN Registered


    anyone live in the liberty park area?
  4. YonderMTN

    YonderMTN Registered

    I got the day off tomorrow and will be kickin it at my place drinkin beers and smoking bowls, if anyone would like to join me. email me off list @!

  5. JuNiS83

    JuNiS83 Registered


    if your still in the area and looking for right minded people I'd love to chill:smokin:
    But since I new here I'm also dry:wtf3:
    So anyways hit me up
  6. DirtyBlueGene

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    You can repeat that post as many times as you like, but you still ain't gonna be able to post any pics. Hahaha. :D
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  7. EvilCartman

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    Polite spammer?
    Now, I'm confused.

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