New Wave T5 Grow...IM NOW A BELIEVER !!

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by ticoblunts, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. ticoblunts

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    Hello there fellow growers. I have been growing for about 4yrs now using 1 400w HPS and 1 400w MH with a conversion bulb, 800 watts of growing power.A friend of mine recently invested in the HO T5 system 2ft x 4ft 400w total power. I must admit that I was really doubtful about using this new technology of marijuana growing. After seing his results iin three different crops I decided to go out and get one for myself. Since I have started my new crop with this new light I have nothing but great things to say about this light. I can say with ease that this is the best grow I have had yet...The low heat emition is a great big plus for this product. I never thought that a fluoro light would ever give me such nice plants. I have included some pics of the babies that i have on board...two weeks old !! Let me know what you think!

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  2. BlueBear

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    I back T5's all the way. I am about to invest in a set up for a SOG grow. I will still keep the 1K set up as well, but I think the T5 systems are being slept on.
  3. ticoblunts

    ticoblunts Registered+

    I give the makers of the T5 a joints up !
  4. Abattoir Dream

    Abattoir Dream Registered+

    hey man those are beautiful plants, lookin healthy, hope to see an abundance of crystal coated buds sometime soon, good luck man, kepp it up...
  5. crazywill

    crazywill Registered+

    Hi all
    Great grow there.Good luck and keep us posted on the grow and the lights.
  6. faithlessxxx

    faithlessxxx Registered+


    Mmm, looking very interesting, I must say.
    Tell us a little about heat issues?

  7. ticoblunts

    ticoblunts Registered+

    Thank you all for your possitive vibes...These picks were taken two days before i put them into budding...they have been in buddint for 4 days now and looking real healthy!! I will make sure to post some more pics in the evening.

    There basically is NO heat issues with this lamp. For example when i was running my HPS and MH i had to keep the lights at a steady 18" from my plants if not imediate burnt tips...Just by installing this new T5 I save 15" of grow space...which is always good in a closet grow!! I try and keep the plants at about 3" from the light but if they for some reason sneak past me and grow into the light theres really no huge damage done...only minor burns unlike the third degree burns that your regular HPS or MH would cause.
    I just use a standing fan to move and cool my plants...more to move stale air than cool i would say...But like i would say before i bought my light "Seing is Believing" I am gonna post my progress so that my fellow growers can see the results !!
  8. brookerosebud

    brookerosebud Registered+

    can we see a pic of the light?
  9. misk

    misk Registered+

    jesus lol thats awsome devlopment for 2 weeks old
    will be good to see the final results
  10. gunge9

    gunge9 Registered+

    Dude was the T5 HO light rig a custom build or did you buy it complete ?
    I`m interested in the T5 method as i used to have marine fish and know how exellent T5`s can be and last forever, well almost.
  11. ticoblunts

    ticoblunts Registered+

    I'm at work right now so I cant post any soon as i get home I will make sure to update with some pics. I bought the T5 online...I think I paid like $450 for it!! Worth every penny!! I forgot to mention that they sent me a free sample of Fluorocious Plus with my order....that stuff is on hit!! A little stinky but works miracles!! Really helps tro drop roots and swell plants!
  12. BlueBear

    BlueBear Registered+

    I use the GH Flourolicias Grow and Bloom as addatives in my grows and the plants seem to love it. Can you post a link from where you got the lights. Like I said I want to do a T5 set up pretty soon.
  13. ticoblunts

    ticoblunts Registered+

    i got my lights from
  14. gunge9

    gunge9 Registered+

    I see these units are 120volts only, being in the UK these are not compatible, but i will say for what they are the they`re very over priced, but do look the part.
  15. ticoblunts

    ticoblunts Registered+

    Well it all depends how you wanna look at over priced....if you think that you can get 8-16 ozs from out under that lamp...its not that expensive at the amount of money you save in the long run with high electricity bills!!
  16. kdspecial

    kdspecial Registered+

    I use a 2ft 4 bulb T5 light in the top of my cab. this height is like 3 ft tall the Light Is only 3inches in height. Its awsome. Plus the reflectors in the T5 lights are german technology which is supposed to be really good. I have yet to flower a whole plant through but here is a pick of A sexing process Im trying, I hope to have decent results.

    the cfl raises the temps in my Cab by only 5 to 10 degress. It works well for hot summertime.

    thats the log

  17. gunge9

    gunge9 Registered+

    Well since you put it that way i guess it must be worth a gamble, when you say 8-16oz how many plants are we talking for that kinda yield ?
  18. Trivium

    Trivium Banned

    Hey tico, great grow you have here and I see this light of yours and I love it. I went to and did some looking around and I think that the Tek T5 432w is going to make priority on my next shop coming up. They are very sleek and hell you can get your own fixture adjuster, I would have to disagree and that this unit isnt overpriced ... Infact it is a reasonable price when you can flower 5-6 plants under it.

    I see a future for T5.
  19. ticoblunts

    ticoblunts Registered+

    Trivium...Im glad to see that you agree!! I am possitive that you will not be dissapointed at all!! im currently wking with 8 plants aiming to get minimum 8 oz and maybe if im real lucky 12oz... I will make sure to keep everyone posted on my progress and final dry number!
  20. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    I was up to twelve 40-watt tubes, and finally switched to HPS ... I miss some things about the flouros, they grow nicely ... but, I stayed with the cheap everyday tubes ... my arithmetic always told me it was much cheaper to add an extra cheap bulb or two to make up the lumen difference, than to replace those high-dollar T5s, which tend to be pretty pricey, dollar-to-lumen-wise ... just something to ponder, do the math ... :smokin:

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