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    Ok first im inthe process of moving to Colorado. While im not doing it for the mmj i am looking into it.
    As a kid a wrestling injury messed up my back. In 2007 and 2011 i had knee issues and a recent car accident injured my hib. All of which have been well documented. Since 2008 iv been taking as much as 6 10mg norcos a day. 6 months ago my doctor put me on oxycodon 30mg 6 times a day and just took me off the norcos. Iv been on and addictied to pain meds for goin on six years even lost a good relationship over it. I had always laughed bout using pot for pain but a while back i smoked with an old friend oddly right before planning to take an oxy. So i decided to see what would happen. My pain though not gone was greatly reduced almost as much as taking the meds
    So when i get my id over im gonna apply for my card.
    So here i am looking for some info. Iv known a few people who have grown and after reading alot thinkbit is my plan

    So can someone point me toward some good info on getting going ie getting the card setting up a grow. Also id like to help some others since id be growing and while iv found alot online bout the this is legal this is illegal i want to make sure i follow both the medical laws and the new legalized laws
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    Chances are, by the time you move here, you won't need a mmj card. In the meantime, you can check NORML to see per state limits.
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    You don't need a card to grow, only to buy in the shops. You can 'donate' to a grower to cover his expenses and he can 'give' you marijuana legally. If your single and growing your own, you can have 6 plants, 3 in late stage flower. (you can only have 3 budding plants per adult) If you have 2 adults, you can have 12 plants, 6 in flower. If you are a carded grower (redbadge), you can have an additional 6 plants for each patient that signs up under you.
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    sorry if this is off topic but does anyone know what the rules are going to be to grow to sell to the coops? Can you get a license to do that?? would that be red badge or some version of it?
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    They prefer you be badged. That being said, its not a requirement, but it does actually effect the cost.
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