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    Hi everyone. I'm a 50 year old male from Northern Indiana. I have studied fitness and nutrition for over 30 years and I cannot ignore all the positive effects that I'm reading about when it comes to cannabis. In short...I am IN. The problem is there are lots of articles out there touting the benefits of it but very few that state 'how much' or 'how to', etc... Let me just start with two very basic questions and we'll go from there:

    1) I have been taking a couple hits off a one-hitter every night. Is this enough to reap the health benefits that cannabis offers. I suppose it depends on how potent my strain is, but in general, do you think this is enough?

    2) If my goal is bettering my health, should I not be smoking it and look into edibles instead? I'm guessing that cannabis smoke does not contain tar and/or nicotine which probably makes it much safer smoke than cigarettes, but it's still smoke. Thoughts?

    3) I heard an interview with a prominent cannabis advocate recently in which he said that you can only get so high when you smoke, no matter how much you smoke. In other words, you will reach your maximum 'high' and won't go above that no matter how much more you smoke. Any truth in that statement?

    I've got more, but we'll start there. Answer any or all the above if you care to share. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Weezard

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    There is some truth in that statement. Most "strains" have a ceiling.
    But I have smoked some that give exception to that rule.
    I use inhalation titration for pain relief, and ingestion for cancer remission.
    Somewhere between 90 and 140 mg. of very potent RSO per day is dropping the PSA level of a 90 kg. male.

    This is not medical advice.
    I am just some guy on the internet, sharing what I learn.

    Welcome aboard!

    Wee 'zard
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  3. RaysLiquorSauce

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    Welcome aboard! Hope you find the answers you seek!
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  4. TBox

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    Wee'zard: Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it very much. I don't have any specific ailments that I'm trying to cure or alleviate, but I'm a big fan of natural healing and from everything I'm reading and hearing, cannabis is a natural 'healer'. I'm most interested in it's anti-inflammatory properties. I like that it is a natural sleep aid and pain reliever. I've read that it helps with glaucoma, cancer prevention, pain management, and potentially inhibits the risk factors for Alzheimer's disease. I remember reading an article from a Harvard researcher not long ago that spoke about specific neuroreceptors in the brain and the quote from the article I remember is "we are supposed to be partaking in this plant". As I get older, the more I read about doctors and pharmaceuticals, the more I do not trust them. I'm doing everything I can do to stay out of the doctors office. I know you can't prevent everything and we're all heading toward the same end. I just want to do as much as I can myself to stay out of the doctors office and enjoy life until it's over. I think cannabis fits into my plan, I just don't know how much I should be taking to reap some of these benefits. Like most things, it will be a process that changes and grows based on how I feel and what I learn. I wish you well and again, thanks for the info you took the time to share.

    RaysLiquorSauce: Thank you for the nice welcome message. Appreciate it!

    T -
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  5. Weezard

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    Could not have said it better. :)
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  6. fawnridge

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    There are lots of reasons for using cannabis. The two most popular are to get high and to get healthy. You seem to be favoring the latter, so I'll tailor my response to that side of the coin.

    I am a cancer patient. Currently, I am cancer-free, but I can't swear that the medical treatment or the cannabis is the reason. I have been smoking ganja for almost 48 years. Lately, I have switched to edibles, smoking only once or twice a month when I'm too stressed to wait for a cookie to kick in. I ingest around 200 mg of THC daily and an unknown amount of CBD that finds its way into the cannabutter. I had the medical treatment for my cancer twice. It was horrible and I won't do it again. Even with the first treatment, I still ended up with a new tumor that had to be surgically removed and the doctor convinced me to have a second treatment. Since that second treatment, I have more than doubled my THC intake to the 200 mg level and, as I mentioned earlier, I am currently cancer-free.

    Long-term smoking of anything is bound to cause some kind of lung damage. I believe, as do most cannabis users, that smoking ganja does not cause cancer. But logically, inhaling smoke on regular basis will result in hacking, coughing, and wheezing over time, just as it did with me. So, if you are considering cannabis for medical treatment, the best you can do is to find a way to ingest it so that you don't screw up your lungs.

    Consider the type of cannabis you will use based on what you will use it for. Sativas will give you an up high, energize you, make you want to throw a Frisbee to your dog, even if you don't have a dog. Indicas will give you a more relaxed high. As my favorite budtender says, "Indicas will keep you in da couch." Hybrids, a mix of sativa and indica, are going to get you somewhere in between. If you want to sleep better, get an indica. If you want more stamina, go with sativa.

    Medically, and I should state here that I am not a doctor, don't even play one on TV, CBDs are where it's at. Most of the powerful medical properties of cannabis are found in the CBDs. So, if you have some medical issue you wish to treat, you will need to find a strain that is high in whichever CBD is best for your ailment.

    Hope this helps.
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  7. TomSawyer2112

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    Welcome. Regarding question 3. Back in the old days we called it “The Plateau”. It took some time to find it but I did in fact hit the plateau numerous times and continue to smoke not realizing I was just wasting weed. I started noticing it when sitting around with friends playing cards and my friends would be passing around a j and after about an hour or two, they would start bitching at me to stop rolling. Me being a pigheaded dumbass, would just continue to roll and smoke throughout the night but didn’t really feel any higher. My friends started noticing that they were at their plateau. They were blitzed. Trying to focus on poker and me passing j after j was just distracting them further. LOL. They would usually end up quitting the game and hitting the couch or the floor, watching TV and dozing off and I would just sit there at the table wondering why I wasn’t getting any higher. After a while we decided that we were all in fact hitting our plateau and wasting our product.
    Of course this was around 1981 and we were smoking Columbian Gold almost exclusively.
    But yeah. In my personal experience, there is a plateau you reach and smoking beyond that is a waste of product.
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  8. irydyum

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    I think it would stand to reason that there are only so many cannabinoid receptors in the brain. I would also imagine that once they are full, adding more to the bin just overflows it with no real effect. My 2 cents is there is definitely a ceiling, but it may be higher for some than others.
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  9. TBox

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    Thanks for all the replies and information. Really appreciate you guys taking the time to respond. I know that I'm REALLY enjoying my "research". My only complaints is 1) why didn't I know this stuff 20 years ago and 2) why isn't this stuff legal everywhere?? I live in Indiana and it is really a challenge finding product. I know I won't live long enough to see it legalized here, but I'm holding out hope for Michigan. I'm a short drive from there and could make that happen on a regular basis. Also, since I posted my original message I've discovered vaping and have been using a G-Pen most of the time now. Love it!
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  10. TomSawyer2112

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    I started vaping back in 2013 to quit smoking cigs. I haven’t touched tobacco in 5 years now. And the last two years, I’ve been making my own eLiquid and that’s cut my expenditures on vape juice like 80%. The most expensive part of the liquid is the flavors. Next would be the pharmaceutical nicotine which I’ve cut way down now. I’m down to 1.5Mg now. Every once in a while, I’ll vape some CBD but it’s kinda funky tasting so I try to blend it with vanilla, chocolate and mint flavors with a sweetener. Results of the actual CBD are not really anything to write home about and using the CBD sublingual is still the most effective for me personally.
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