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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by potsmoker101, Feb 19, 2005.

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    Hey everyone.. This is like my first indoor grow.. I'm growing with a 400w mh light.. Hangs about 1 ft from my plants. Im growing in soil.. mixture of perlite an just reguler soil.. I sometimes use petes 10-15-10 on watering.. The first pic is 18 days of veg.. The second pic is 10 days of veg.. Im going to veggy for about 50-90 days then switch over to 12/12.. I have a dualtimer thats set on 18/6 then Ima switch to 12/12..

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  2. thechronic

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    there looking nice... what starin
  3. Torog

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    Howdy ps101,

    The plant looks great ! I do see a problem tho,you have not utilized the space in your pot,you should have the soil about 2 inches from the top of the pot,that will give the plant more room for the roots..otherwise..your going to have root-bound plants,in a relatively short time. I hope that you have an oscillating fan going,to further strengthen your plants and supply them with fresh air,across the leaf surface. Also,do the heat test,place your hand right at the top of your plant,and see how long you can hold it there,under the light..if it feels too hot for your hand-then it's too hot for the plant too.

    Have a good one...:D
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    Yeah I do have a fan.. Temps are nice... their pretty big pots but im not letting them grow for long.. Just maybe a month an its already day 20 so maybe 20 more days of veg.. I kno its a little early but this is just a first grow.. Next time ill have the experience to make few mistakes.. Thanks yaw.. I'll try an update in a few...
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    they look good to me matey, and 40 days veg is plenty, thats nearly 6 weeks, most indoor growers veg for 4 weeks, probably due to space issues. good luck im sure they will be fine.

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