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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Aaronmullen4, Oct 18, 2015.

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    Started my jock horror autos about early July maybe 5th or 6th, planted 3 of them. The website states ten week strain so about a week before there due date only one looked ready so I harvested it (realizing now after getting a magnifying glass its also lil early) crystals on it were some cloudy some clear. My other 2 are still growing but extremely slow and we are about 15 weeks or so. All of the fan leaves on one have fallen completely off and hardly any growth for week or so, and the other plant just extremely slow all around and the trichs are the only thing going at half-ass speed... About 2 weeks before I thought each were going to be finished, I flushed and stopped feeding them.

    I'm wondering what's going on with these I don't have a quality camera but can still post some pics

    However about a week ago as an experiment a started feeding the larger plant that still has fan leaves and am seeing new bud growth with new hairs (very little growth)

    I'm using 16 cfl, natures own organic soil, and fox farm nutes.. No ppm pen just pH drops, its all in a half ass amateur closet learning as I go lol... Any ideas or theories would be greatly appreciated smart-ass's also welcomed
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    take it more seriously next time and consider pH as very important.. you will do better.
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    I am convinced now that management has died and that their room temperature bodies will soon be discovered. It is only a matter of time before the power to the server controlling this thing will eventually be turned off.
    It's either that or they are just trying to drive us away. This is crazy. Maybe expecting the old to return is crazy. Expecting a rule or two to be consistently enforced has to indicate insanity in anyone believing such a thing. It is well known that I am crazy... must be why I am still here.
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