Newbie--prescription interactions?

Discussion in 'Experiences' started by Stsbu, Jan 28, 2017.

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    Hi all--yep, I'm a newb. Just got my card and trying out different things to see what works for my nerve pain.

    I tried Blue Dream (cartridge vaping) a couple of times and didn't get much more than a bit of pain reduction, but not much, and a little bit of the marshmallow head.

    Experienced a huge pain flare today and I went and took three major hits off the pen. 20 minutes later I'm tripping out--heartrate went to 140 as per my Fitbit, started dripping with cold sweat and felt like I was going to black out. I had to call my daughter in from the other room and tell her if I blacked out to call 911.

    Fast forward about a half hour and I didn't feel like I was dying anymore. But for the rest of the day I have felt like I was getting the flu. Now it is 11 hours later, I'm feeling a bit off still but heart rate and blood pressure back to normal.

    Now I'm sitting here psyching myself up to take my usual evening meds. I take meds for depression, anxiety, and the chronic pain. They make me sleepy. My worry is that the cannabis still in my system will interact with the meds and cause more problems.

    Much of this is anxiety and I'm sure that is a huge factor. Maybe I'm just looking for some newbie reassurance that I won't be having a heart attack in my sleep? Heh.
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    I feel it's sad that no body answered you,

    What I have learned always start with small doses with someone close by you trust
    Until you know yourself and your limits
    Hope you are ok
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    Lay off the grass for some time. And take care, please. Having to take medications for anxiety is tough enough on it's own. Heck, anxiety is rough on its own. Don't worsen it. Follow your natural instincts. If something doesn't suit your system or causes interference with your prescriptions, it's time for a serious evaluation.

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