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  1. hydrogarden

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum, would love to grow my own plants, what grow light you use? any recommendations?
  2. xjking

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    Hi hydrogarden, I am new to growing also but have spent many hours researching all side of growing including lighting. Each type of lighting seems to have its own benefits, but as long as there is enough light in the red blue spectrum your plants should remain happy. I chose HPS to start because I got a good deal. I was considering LED before that because they tend to run cooler. Many variables with similar results can be had.
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  3. hydrogarden

    hydrogarden Registered+

    Thank you @xjking I want to try LED, I heard that LED is cooler than HPS, and more efficiency. But now there are so many led grow light in the market, so I'm a little confused.
    I heard that spectrum king, mars hydro and viparspectra led are good, but not sure.
  4. GreenAuto

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    Hi Everyone, Newbie in this forum. Im planning a new run for mini garden. Maybe lean led grow lights for next run, So many brands in Ebya and Amazon, hard to choose one :eek::eek:, Spectrum King, Black Dog, Mars Hydro, King... Much appreciated if any suggestons or help. Thanks in Advance:doublethumbs::doublethumbs:
  5. Pupp

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    If your into a "mini" garden" try putting a space bucket together. It's the ultimate stealth setup. Yield is about a ounce per *bucket. There are people that do it for the thrill of it, but I'd say lots of beginners might try it as a way to get experience with indoor grows while keeping costs relatively small.

    *Depends on the size of the bucket. Some use 5 gallon buckets, some will use larger totes.
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  6. hydrogarden

    hydrogarden Registered+

    Hi Bro, I'm also new to indoor grow, want to try LED, it is so hard to make choice.
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  7. hydrogarden

    hydrogarden Registered+

    Yes, since I'm new to led, i don't want to cost too much. do you have any recommendations bro? Thank you!
  8. Plumber07

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    I just love High Times. Bookmarked. I'm old and still grow in the ground under sunshine but maybe this old dog can learn a new trick or two.
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  9. GreenAuto

    GreenAuto Registered+

    Still on reseaching :D:D:D Google is the best friends :D:D
  10. hydrogarden

    hydrogarden Registered+

    Live and learn! looking forward to use LED hahaha
  11. oldmac

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    If you decide to use LED light, invest your money in quality USA mfg. (ie: expensive)
    Avoid cheap Chinese produced lights...or as my dad would say "you get what you pay for"
    or as I say "pay shit get shit"

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  12. GreenAuto

    GreenAuto Registered+

    Cant agree more. I casted my money to this website Marshydro yesterday. Have no idea what I will get.. lol lol. I believer its Chinese product line. cause I get an email today saying Chinese New Year holiday blablabla...:wtfsign:

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