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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by 69JIM69, Jul 25, 2006.

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    I found some niacin in my parents drug cabinet i was told it speeds up your metabolism. i weigh 120 pounds how many niacins should i take cuz i have a drug test by my parents every week or so and i can tka ethe niacin up to the drug test day even because i heard someone tlaking on the msg boards about niacin how it helps just wondering how many i should take
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    I've heard more negative posts about niacin than positive. Keep searching the forum and you'll find the info you need.
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    My b/f tried niasin for a pre-employment test and failed. Others I know have also failed trying to just take niasin. I would suggest something else for a drug test.
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    Niacin (vitamin B3) has been debated up and down this board. It's true it can help speed up metabolism. And a fast metabolism helps burn fat that has thc stored in it. It can help with a combination of drinking lots of water, excercising daily, taking a regular vitamin(s) and other small things. While I wouldn't recommend taking niacin 1-3 days before a test (cuz now they test for it), it's good to take any other time.

    I take a multi-vitamin that has 20 mg daily and it says it's 100% of my daily intake. Now they do have 500 mg available at GNC, but it's wise not to take over 2 grams of niacin a day because i can cause liver damage. And when it says "flush" on the package, it doesn't mean it flushes your system, it'll just give your body a flush sunburn feeling if you take it at a high dosage (i.e. 2-500 mg vitamins).
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    I passed a test in 4 days after a long period of heavy smoking (the chronic). I took 6 tables of niacin and 6 tablets of golden seal a day (3 in the mourning, 3 at night). Also, I exercized in sweatshirt, drank cranberry juice, and took multivitamins.

    Wether or not this shit actually helped I don't know because I also drank water (not a large amount, but enough to piss every 45 min) and took vitamin B the day of the test.

    If your just being tested by your parents, why not just use something else instead of your piss? At home tests don't check for specific gravity, PH, etc, so you could probably get away with using Mellow Yellow as long as your parents don't decide to smell or taste your piss. Might not even have to be right temp if there's no temp strip. If it's one where they send it into the lab, then you might have to use something a little less conspicuous.
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    Mellow Yellow is perfect! When they ask why your piss is carbonated, you get the biggest D'OH feeling ever!!!!!!!!!! ITS GREAT!!! BETTER THAN BEING HIGH!! [/end sarcasm]

    ...if anyone tries this, at least make sure it is super flat Mellow Yellow

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