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  1. squareguy

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    i have heard that taking niacin will help you pass a piss test for marijuana. is this true? how much do you need?
  2. Cunningstunts

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    .....not true Water Aspirin vit B-2
  3. Buffalo

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    Some friends of mine used it, and supposedly it helped them pass. But man, if you ARE going to take them, eat them on a full stomach! I took one on an empty stomach once, and I broke out in an awful rash for an hour. I looked like a damn tomato, and it felt like I was on fire. I'd only use Niacin as a last resort.
  4. beachguy in thongs

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    This is what I have in a Drug Guide:

    It may partially inhibit the release of free fatty acids from adipose tisse and increase lipoprotein activity, which could increase the rate of triglyceride removal from plasma: these actions reduce the total LDL and triglycerides and increase HDL. Niacin also decreases serum levels of apo B and lipoprotein A.
  5. dopefiend

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    ^^wtf! i have no idea what this means :stoned:
  6. criptonik

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    ummmm wake up pot smokers!!!

    Not only does niacin work efficiently every time without fail... it cleans out your whole system of all the bad stuff.. i take one pill daily just to feel clean... if you have a drug test take 3 niacin the day before and you'll be fine... even if you smoked that day. Its very inexpensive and the best method if you ask me.
  7. Cunningstunts

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    ...Follow this advice and you'll fail.

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