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  1. Feebs420

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    I picked up a bottle of niacin from CVS and i was wondering if this stuff is legit. I read alot of stuff about it online and everything was like "many people think niacin help flush the body of THC" but nothing actually said it works. So i was wondering if anyone actually used it and got clean pretty quickly?
  2. crunksquirrel

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    yea, i've taken niacin before but haven't had results on the test because it hasn't come yet...
    but yea i heard it supposidly burns it outta your system, and then i've heard that they can tell you've taken it when the results come back

    so not real sure about it....
  3. tonyp

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    Niacin is a very interesting vitamin. its actually a b vitamin that is beneficial in many ways. Not only does it lower cholesterol, but it helps with blood flow, can be used as a way to appear darker (as opposed to tanning) and is actually the main ingredient in Extenze.

    When it comes to flushing THC, i doubt it will have little or any affect. This is probably a misunderstanding of the bottle. Some will say "Flush-Free". This simply indicates that you won't experience the mild "sun-burn" aka flushed look while taking it.

    In addition to a multi-vitamin, i take 300 mg's of niacin and 15 mg of zinc daily. Zinc increases testosterone and niacin increases blood flow. give it a try. along with a good amount of water, that combo is a great way to stay healthy and keep ur chick happy.
  4. MastaChronic

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    bullshit it doesnt have any effect! i took 1500 mg of it and i had a test in three hours, that morning i had smoked a blunt of some bomb and my piss was clean! although it made me feel like i was on fire, and turned my skin red for 2 1/2 hours
  5. ToDrunkToFish

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    Yea I hear nothin but good of this, I myself have never tried it but my old shroom dealer said he's taken it a total of 10 times for various job/drug tests and passed every one.
  6. tonyp

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    I have no first hand experience in using niacin to pass a drug test, but i have done alot of research on the topic. if it was truly a reliable way to pass, nobody here would worry about taking a drug test.

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