NIcotinic ACid vitamIN B3(Niacin)

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by CanaBliss, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. CanaBliss

    CanaBliss Registered+

    I heard that Niacin helps clean your system out fast if u take enough.. anyone have experience with this at all? I have 50 250mg Niacin pills and my test might be on Thursday I smoked a few times over the weekend. I also have cranberry juice for purifying my system.
  2. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    "Large doses of niacin can cause liver damage, peptic ulcers, and skin rashes. In the high doses used for controlling cholesterol levels (anything above 100mg/day), nicotinic acid can cause skin flushing and skin itching as well as headaches, lightheadedness and low blood pressure. Niacin may also aggravate peptic ulcer disease. Most stomach-related side effects usually go away over time. Taking niacin with food may prevent stomach discomfort. People with a history of liver disease or stomach ulcers should not take niacin supplements. High doses of vitamin B3 (75-mg or more) may cause liver damage. People who are pregnant, diabetic, or who suffer from asthma, liver disease, gallbladder disease, gout, glaucoma, or ulcers, should seek the advice of a medical professional prior to taking this vitamin. Nicotinic acid, but not nicotinamide in doses larger than 200 mg causes flushing by dilating the blood vessels, which can also cause the blood pressure to drop. High-dose nicotinic acid (approximately 3 grams daily) has caused impaired glucose tolerance in otherwise healthy individuals."
  3. crunksquirrel

    crunksquirrel Registered+

    that pretty much sums it up
  4. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    So basically.

    You should probably refrain from taking more than you really "feel" like you can. Niacin affects everyone differently, depending on your body chemistry. You probably want to stick to the recommended dosage at first and if you feel comfortable (and paranoid) You could possibly think about doubling it the next day.

    It's a vitamin, so you can't really "overdose" on it.. but you can make yourself feel pretty uncomfortable if you abuse it. So be smart.

  5. CanaBliss

    CanaBliss Registered+

    Alright, I took 5 like 20 minutes ago so 1250mg. So far my head is burning up and my neck and my shoulders. That doesnt bother me tho. I'm also kinda hot. I'll keep updated since it turned into a sticky. Any other experiences or advice is welcome..
  6. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    It's got a fairly short half life so you can't just take 5 at once and expect everything to be gravey.
    You need to process it into your system which means taking it like 3-4 times throughout the day until the test.
    Lots of juice too.
    Hope this helps,
  7. yoyoman1020

    yoyoman1020 Registered+

    yeah i was wondering about niacin, too. I could randomly be asked to take a piss test by mom at any time, and I don't think she's going to give me any notice. Is niacin the way to go in this situation?
  8. jdbeier38

    jdbeier38 Registered+

    Niacin DOES work. Infact i smoked THE day of my last piss test. If you have notice...take two 500mg quick release(time capsules dont work because they dont give the full does effectively) 4 hours before the test. Then like an hour or two before your test take two more 500mg's. The first time you take the pills you will burn up, go crazy itching like you need a coke fix, and you might even get sick. But thats why you take it 4 hours before the test. Because when you take it again an hour or two before the test...all the effects have happened already with the last dosage so you get no noticable effects. Sometimes if you look like youve taken niacin theyll make you reschedule. Hope ive shown light on the subject...but im very stoned so i dunno what i just typed.:stoned:
  9. CanaBliss

    CanaBliss Registered+

    Well I guess it works because I passed my test.
  10. Lucifuge

    Lucifuge Registered+

    Some chick gave my friend and I one of those pills in class a few years ago. We started turning real red, he thought he was going to die, lmao. Girl got expelled, we got the rest of the day off.
  11. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    NIACIN has been used as a THC masking agent since the U.S. Navy started drugtesting long ago (1970s, if I remember right) ... sailors used niacin to beat the tests, and ran around with orange skin for awhile :D ... SO, THC tests started searching for niacin and other masking agents(bleach, etc), and flunk ya if you show niacin evidence too ... :smokin:
  12. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    you passed because you didn't show enough THC level in the test, or, the tester didn't know what he was doing, or, it was simply a cheap, non-specific test ... the niacin will NOT make you pass any decent drug test ... and, you can take that to the bank ! ... :smokin:
  13. blazinbob

    blazinbob Registered

    really need to know if it works

    yo, im 15 yrs old and my om found out i smoked weed by her boyfriend. they now drug test me randomly, at any time. it could be one month and not the next so i really dont know. i was wondering if taking niacin regularly, like 5 per day or something would keep me from gettring nfound out if i smoked weed once or twice, PLEASE PLEASE respond as i really want to smoke weed. lol
  14. CanaBliss

    CanaBliss Registered+

    I would like to fix my post. I did not pass my drug test. It came up like 40.0. I thought I passed cuz they didnt do anything about it like send me to jail. Although I failed my second one I didnt go to jail becuz the level was lower. I can tell you Nicacin DOES help it get out of your system faster (however faster it may be), but it will not help you pass your test. Now if you only smoked like 2-3 hits, it could help you pass easily. I'd take 8 pills a day. Don't worry your tolerance for the vitamin will go up and you will only get the hots n itches for like the first 2-3 times u do it. If you wanna clean out your system asap id take 14 a day. I took 12 at once and thats what lowered my thc levels by 20%. ANy other questions just asked.
  15. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Registered

    No, it really doesn't. Niacin's just like prayer, you can believe it works, but at the end of the day, you're just foolin' yourself.
  16. MastaChronic

    MastaChronic Banned

    absolutely not true and i can attest to that
    last spring i smoked a blunt the morning of my test and i was freaking out because i didnt have any bleach to put into my piss. a homie of mine hooked it up with 2 500 mg pills of niacin the period before lunch, i took them both. at the beginning of lunch my skin started itching, then it started burning and my skin got red as a beet. my skin was so sensitive for the next few hours all i could do was sit still and hope nothing touched me. then it went away and started to feel normal again. then i had to take my UA after school and i passed, i passed, i passed, i passed. its the solid truth, niacin made me clean, although at the cost of a few hours of extreme discomfort
  17. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Registered

    Ok, first of all, bleach in your urine *shakes head* Second, your "proof" is nothing but a fallacy of causation. You're assuming that because you took niacin and passed that it was the niacin that was responsible. Just because B happens, does not mean A caused it. Like I said, it's like prayer, purely coincidental.
  18. MastaChronic

    MastaChronic Banned

    speak what you like, but i know that my test wasnt dirty because of it. if you dont believe me try it yourself. also, putting bleach in your piss DOES work, me and a lot of my homies have done this and got clean tests so unless your saying that we're all wrong at that they were all just "purely coincedental" dont be speaking. i understand that your defending what you said, but im saying that your wrong. its never been proven either way that niacin cleans you or not. i dont think it does, i think it masks it well enough tho.
  19. kknight

    kknight Registered+

    That shit happened to me and I thought I was going to have to go to the fucking hospital. I was at work and my whole body started turning red. I burned and itched and was flipping out. I thought I was having some sort of crazy alergic reation to it.

    It lasted about 30 minutes but seemed like an hour and haven't taken them since. :p
  20. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Registered

    The burden of proof isn't on me, you're the one who claimed that because you took niacin that you passed your UA. What if you took peppermint oil and passed your test, would you sit here and tell me that everyone should take peppermint oil now?

    You know what niacin does? Exactly what you said it did. It gave you hot flashes, your skin started to itch and turned red. That's what niacin does. Your illogical conclusion that niacin works is known as a fallacy. It's flat out wrong. Period.

    Tell me, when you took the niacin, how much water did you drink? How much marijuana did you smoke up until this point? What's your metabolism? Your age? Gender? Race? What kind of marijuana were you smoking in terms of potency?

    You can sit here till your face turns blue—well, in your case, red—about how niacin works, but when it all boils down, it does not.
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