Night Nurse Strain - Sold by Spark (Life Gardens)

Discussion in 'Indica' started by The Gonzz, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. The Gonzz

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    My rating of this strain: Grade B
  2. Pupp

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    I'm always under the assumption that medicinal strains need to be reviewed under that context. In that regard, Night Nurse has won some major awards. If I recall, Night Nurse was designed to get people to sleep.
  3. The Gonzz

    The Gonzz Registered

    That would explain quite a bit!
  4. The Gonzz

    The Gonzz Registered

    I'm uploading some new content right now, some amazing high grade traditional hashish, and another strain known as Chernobyl which is a very potent Sativa hybrid of 3 legendary strains. Trainwreck, Trinity, and Jack the Ripper! Yes, it is as amazing it sounds.
    :baggy: :baggy: :baggy:
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  5. The Gonzz

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    The traditional hash loaded into my bong. I'm currently glazed over like honey ham.:S5: :fishslap:

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  6. EvilCartman

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    Very nice! Chernobyl is one of my favorite TGA plants, incredibly tasty smoke!

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