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Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by Madrigal, Jan 27, 2017.

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    Hey guys. So I'm back with another question now that I'm plant-sitting a sativa.

    It's been in my window the past weeks and it's ready to go into the 12/12 bloom phase. The plant looks great even though it only gets 6 hours of direct sunlight, max. It is NOT going to get more than that for objective reasons (like I said, I'm plant-sitting and would not have decided to grow this plant here in the first place).

    Anyway. I have a couple of closets. Real closets for clothes. I'm thinking of emptying one and putting the plant in there 12 hours a day. The closet I have in mind is quite big - 1.7 meters tall, 1.5 long and 1 meter wide. Here's my question: Can I just put it in there and close the door for 12 hours? Or will it need some ventilation? Will it be bad for the plant to be in there ONLY for thr night phase with no ventilation? The weather is cool so temperature-wise it's not a problem.

    I'd appreciate any tips! Thanks!
  2. EvilCartman

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    At the very least, throw a fan in there to keep the air moving. You'll have a better idea of whether or not it'll work, after the first "night". A good sized plant will push out a good bit of moisture. If it gets too moist in there... :(

    Moving it around could get old, after a couple/few weeks. (sativa) :D
  3. Madrigal

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    Hey, thanks. I'll try it out then. I don't have a fan. Maybe i'll put some baking soda in there or something.
  4. Countryboy91

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    Try putting a fan on there and cover it with half of a water bottle.

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