nine bars

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by 16 times green, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. 16 times green

    16 times green Registered

    how much is it in america for A NINE BAR :p :p :p :p
  2. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

    sToNeDpEnGuIn420 Registered+

    whats a NINE BAR?
  3. Phresh as it Gets

    Phresh as it Gets Registered+

    yeah, whats a nine bar, like a bar for 9 year olds or a,, nine for bar tenders, possibly it could be a ...




  4. greendevil

    greendevil Registered+

    in the uk a 9 bar is 9oz

  5. roll it up

    roll it up Registered+

    a 9 bar?is that a 9ounce or 9 pound bar of hash?or is it bud?
  6. greendevil

    greendevil Registered+

    a 9 bar is 9 ounce of hash or bud
  7. roll it up

    roll it up Registered+ sure love a 9 bar lol.ive never gotten to try hash.i wanna try it really bad
  8. roll it up

    roll it up Registered+

    o,and a nine bar would probably cost around 800-900.anywhere in between there,becuz a quarter pound of pretty dank bud is only 450
  9. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    well maybe itz 450 in yer area but itz different evrywhere. hash aint nuttin 2 excitin, getz ya higher then weed n itz a bit different ov a high. n fer the preemz, 9 oz wood cost me a thou canadian n up round 1,200 even. i'll try n post sum picz if i can get my handz on a digi cam, this bud iz rite fuckin dank. one bong n im toasted. then ov course i can get mid gradez fer rite cheap, but y wood i do that?
  10. pofacedhoe

    pofacedhoe Registered

    A nine bar is exclusively a hash measurement in england as homegrown and dutch cannabis is sold either in kilos (36oz) or in ounces. a nine bar is a quarter kilo and the standard price for standard shit (because hash standards are shit,anyone for henna and coffee?)can vary bettween £200(bound to be shite) to £500 (bound to be good or a sneaky rip off),Ave. prob£250-300

    If you wish to try hash of quality dont buy in england, 90% of the market is soapbar according to idmu. What bothers me most is that the governments independent drugs monitoring unit knows that most cannabis consumed in england contains potentially fatal additives such as petroleum derivatives and crushed benzodiaspates not to mention asprin tarmac henna coffee animal faeces bound together with polyvinylchloride to give that tastes like a swimming pool made out of poo flavour we all know so well. By purchaseing this shit you are supporting the market in poison and crap and it will continue to be all that you are sold-dealers will always pawn shit off on those with less discerning tastes. legalisation is the only way to prevent criminals from poisoning your children

    think-your child will smoke if it wants to , do you want it smoking that?
  11. w12ecked

    w12ecked Registered+

    yeah exactley man pofacedhoe he keeps on posting these threads on soapbar its shite man stop it i smoked that stuff for about a year it sucks ass compared to realy bud there probbly wont even be anyone smoking soap in the us god.....what a fag
  12. w12ecked

    w12ecked Registered+

    and killabuzz im not being an asshole to you but do you speak english as a second language if not stop talking like a retard it just makes me ignore your posts

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