Nirvana Aurora Indica - Day 44 Bloom

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by Tokudai, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Tokudai

    Tokudai Registered+

    400W HPS/400W MH Dual spectrum
    Fox Farm Big Bloom
    Fox Farm Tiger Bloom
    Mad Farmer M.O.A.B. (mother of all blooms)
    2.5 gallon pots - organic compost/perlite 50/50

    Flowered at ~ 30 days when they showed sex.

    One never grew a top bud/cola (kinda wierd) but she seems to be doing fine.
    All three are very low odor until brushed up against or rubbed, then a real strong piney/rotten fruit smell.

    Loks like 2 different phenos with regards to branching but they smell similar

    Sposed to be a fast finishing strain, trichs are 80/20 cloudy/clear. Going to start flushing next watering

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  2. justinsane

    justinsane Registered+

    man, even where bud is legal, that would be illegal just for the sheer severity of the high it would produce..

    the strain should be called BioHaze
  3. ToDrunkToFish

    ToDrunkToFish Registered+

    That top view with all the Trics and green leaves made my bust a nut... or two. Awsome man!

    Question, how much did the equipment cost you. And how much Electric. does it cost a month?
  4. Abattoir Dream

    Abattoir Dream Registered+

    wow, youve done a great job, I've heard a bit about aurora indica, sounds tasty, good luck and congrats man, - peace
  5. lowryderulez

    lowryderulez Registered+

    Dam man u sure u dint just axidently coat that wiv caster sugar or sumthin?! Really nice pics!:smokin:
  6. Tokudai

    Tokudai Registered+

    Thanks for the compliments!

    I don't know exactly the cost of the bloomroom, since I bought things separately and over time - maybe $500 for everything from the "filter through the lights and the fan"? and another $100 or so for wood/pots/tables/mylar, etc etc

    Seeds- I got 5 packs of Nirvana seeds for $55 from Seedbay - Papaya (10) are being sexed right now, 5 AK48 just popped a few days ago and 5 NLxHaze is germinating now.. so hopefully I'll have more eye candy to post soon. I also have a clone only strain called Fruit Loops I got a few years ago that there are a few going now, should be prettying up soon

    Electricity cost is peanuts by me, so this 800W setup costs ~ 50 cents a day when on 12/12

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  7. hammertime

    hammertime Registered+

    those look badass im about to order some nirvana seeds and a 400w mh. i hope mine turn out as nice as yours
  8. dankman

    dankman Registered+

    i want to get a knife and scrape the trichromes off of the leaves and pack a krystal bowl
  9. BLaQLiGhT

    BLaQLiGhT Registered+

    AI is Amazing !!!

    Hey Tokudai, your plants are beautiful. I also love the Aurora Indica piCs. I have also grown Nirvanas' Aurora Indica and I tell you that the smoke is going to knock you out :p , the high is out of this world :abduct:. My buds didnt gat as big as yours because for my first grow I was using some noob lights ;) . But during the end I threw in a 70w HPS and two 42w CFL which made a big dif. My plant grew perrty much like yours, one big long stem with buds growing on it. The high is going to start off as a buzz in your neck and then your neck will go numb and the warmth fuzzy feeling will flow up and down your body. Wait until you take that 3rd or 4th puff and it will hit you :stoned: . I also have Papaya from Nirvana and I hear that Papaya can be Nirvanas' best strain if grown right. One grower called it " Crack on a stick. " I hope you are planning to have a smoke report after the AI is harvested and dried :thumbsup: . Good Luck on the rest of your grow and Harvest :D ....
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2006
  10. reemer101

    reemer101 Registered+

    good job , shes lookin good , keep up the good smokes!!!!!
  11. c of green

    c of green Registered+

    i have AI growing right now and i am even more excited about it today then i was yesterday which i didn't think was possible:D
    them are definatly some gorgeous plants.i am almost high just from licking the computer screen lol
    keep up the good work:thumbsup:
  12. Tokudai

    Tokudai Registered+


    Chopped em down after 53 days. Almost 100% cloudy, some amber. They fattened up quite nicely during the last week or so. Only got pics of the first one cause my camera battery died :(. Will post back with a smoke report and some dried pics in a week or so

    Next up - Nirvana Papaya

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  13. BLaQLiGhT

    BLaQLiGhT Registered+

    Nice piCs !!

    Beautiful Harvest Tokudai, right in time for ThanksGiving, those buds are covered in trichomes. Looks like you are going to be happy before the NewYear. How much are you expecting in yield per-plant? I know that Papaya will give you a fatter main cola even though that AI cola is pretty big. Keep Em growing man, you get the green thumbs for this one :greenthumb: :greenthumb: :greenthumb: ...
  14. Splifted

    Splifted Registered+

    I think that pepsi is getting penis envy. Poor can.
  15. Tokudai

    Tokudai Registered+

    Thanks Blaqlight. Out of those three, I'd like to get 150G dried, but I have never grown this strain before. Seems like the weight should be there easy but you know how these things go.. Once I get to do a run of clones I'll have a lot better idea of the production/watt/ft.

    Looking forward to the Papaya - Got 2 female right now and 2 hopefuls - tomorrow is day 14 of 12/12 for them
  16. BLaQLiGhT

    BLaQLiGhT Registered+

    Papaya PiCs...

    Hope you have space, you should be prepared for this. Check the link for Papaya piCs from Nirvans Site, I use it to pick strains that I would love to grow :p . YOu can click o the piC to make it bigger and there are also other piCks of the many strains from Nirvana. Just Click on album list or Search for strain:
  17. Sauce

    Sauce Registered+

    Damn nice plant you got there, nirvana had a couple winners in my past grows my favorite was the white rhino or the northern lights, make sure to post a smoke report
  18. Tokudai

    Tokudai Registered+

    Got it jarred up - Only 108G though, so I was way off. Still a bit harsh since it needs to be cured, but its got a nice kick. 2 Bingers and thats plenty for a couple of hours. Definitely more of a body high, relaxing, sedative-like. Not very motivating. Helped me get a fastest lap in GTR2 though! I don't think this is the one I want to hit on the way out the door to work, if ya know what I mean

    Intense, artificial grape aroma, almost like one of those bathroom air fresheners, or a case of grape Bubble Yum. Smoke is thick and hashy (like when smoking kief or something), with no grape or fruity flavors at all. Bites at the back of the throat. It's pretty harsh, but hopefully thats due to the cure (or lack of). I'll post another smoke report right about X-mas, so it can cure for a few weeks

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  19. rottenPauL

    rottenPauL Registered+

    great job man
  20. Abattoir Dream

    Abattoir Dream Registered+

    lol yeh, like u say, its cuz its not cured, great job man, keep it up ;)

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