Nirvana Auto Grow, 1st auto attempt!!

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    Alright guys so this is my first real attempt at auto flowering strains, all by Nirvana

    Medium: FFOF with 30 percent perlite
    * in the 3 lemon OG haze autos and my master kush photo I added in 20 percent worm castings and it looks like you really don't need to add anything in except perlite, the ones with out the extra castings are growing at much faster rate!! So kinda think I over did the worm castings on the master kush and lemons

    Container Size: 3 gallon fabric pots (love them!!), gonna try 5 gallons next time

    Light Schedule: GLR light time, for whole life of autos then will flip to flower time for master kush

    Nutrients: General Organic Go Box (no ph just mix and water, then throw away)
    Did 2 watering at 1/4 strength then feed with earth juice molasses at 1 ml with recharge at 1/4 tsp per gallon, then will go back to straight water, seems a little to much

    Watering Cycle: About every 3 days with 1-2 cups a little more for the master kush

    PH of soil: Stays around 6.5-6.8
    * I do not test run off, I test the soil directly with luster leaf rapid test kits (easiest way I have found)

    Plant Training:
    * Nothing with Autos
    * Going to Main line the Master Kush, and grow to 16 tops then stop and let vertical growth continue

    Age: From single blade leave (assuming this is when you start counting with autos?)
    Lemon OG haze Auto - 4 weeks, starting to show white pistils, more than just 2 (assuming preflower)
    Blue mystic Auto - Day 7
    Bubblicious Auto - Day 7
    Master Kush Photo - Around 4-5 weeks will post her pic tomorrow

    Also just wondering with the people that have experience with auto flowers, when they usually start to get bigger?

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  2. Grower4209171

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    First three pics are lemon OG, 2nd 3 pics are the bubblicious, and the last two are the blue mystics
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    Awesome your back too!
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    Heck ya man, thought its been awhile and should back on, love this place!
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    First two pics are the one lemon OG haze auto and the 3rd is the Master Kush, I LST'ed the one lemon last night, then at the last second cut the tie, then retied it lol couldn't decide but I have now (barely tied down, so Im sure I didn't stunt it or anything), im dead sure I have at least 2 more weeks of vertical growth, hopping for at least like 21 inches when said and done lol

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    How's the garden today?
  7. Grower4209171

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    They just took off!! Im gonna post some pics later tonight, just gotta email them to me lol
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