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Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by Tokudai, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Tokudai

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    Welp, here's an attempted ongoing of my current Nirvana Papaya grow

    10 seeds popped 10/05. Vegged for the first 2 weeks 24/0 in my 150W HPS/70W MH Dual spectrum cabinet, then moved to a 24/0 schedule in my 240W 6-tube flouro setup. Fed 1 tsp Fox Farms GB per gallon once the first set of leaves started dying off, then once more a week later. Very slow growth compared to the previous AI seeds from same vendor. One (back left corner) was definitely the runtiest and the front right was the strongest. The runt turned bright yellow and would not get any bigger through several weeks. Since it was dying and I had nine healthier ones, I sacrificed it for room and piece of mind. Maybe it couldn't handle the food, I still am not sure.

    Up through the 30th day, the one larger plant dominated the others. All were vegged for 30 to 36 days, and I put a couple in the bloomroom at a time, a few per day. No clones taken, I figured if they turn out decent I'll try and reveg the best one. When they were put into 12/12, none of them had shown sex yet. Only 3 turned out female - the largest one and 2 others.. 3 of 9 (Well 10, dunno what the runt would have been)... The AI's turned out 4/10 so the papaya seemed on par with my Nirvana odds..

    Fast forward to yesterday, day 23 of 12/12. You can see the distinct size difference of the 2 phenos I seem to have gotten. The pots are 9" tall for reference - the one large plant is easily twice the size of either of the other two. With the close up bud pics, the one with the trichomes is one of the smaller plants, and the large one, as you can see, has yet to develop any. Absolutely zero smell so far - even gently rubbing the stem/stalk I only get a real faint weedlike smell. Time will tell if this is a keeper or not.

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  2. True_Hippie

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    looks very nice man....:pipe: + :baggy: = me :D
  3. BIGtime

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    beautiful lookin man. keep up the good work :thumbsup:
  4. BLaQLiGhT

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    I see what you mean Tokudai, they are not growing to well. Flowering doesn't look like the problem to me though, they look like they didn't like their life in VEG to much so now they flowered out like this. I'm sure you will get a good smoke but I hope my Papya grows up happy and flowers like a Beauty :p . Keep Smoking Bro :smokin: , and keep Em Green :thumbsup: ...
  5. Tokudai

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    Well they are progressing nicely, day 28. Can't see any deficiencies, so I'm gonna keep on this path. The small ones are not going to yield very well, but they are starting to fatten up a bit, and from the looks of the trichome development, should be a knockout. The big one on the other hand should yield pretty well.

    'Nuff said here's some pics

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  6. Kindbud

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    phenomenal,tell me what the smoke is like
  7. GanjaSmugler

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  8. Tokudai

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    Day 34 and all is well

    The bigger one is putting on weight rapidly. From the growth patterns I am convinced I got two phenos - the large one and one of the smaller ones appear to be budding alike and smell almost identical except for size. They are starting to get a funky rotten banana/B.O smell and are starting to put on trichomes pretty well.

    The other smaller one (second pic) has a sickly/sweet rotting fruit/catpiss type smell. This one is not budding like the others, not as many pistils or as fat/fluffy of a structure, but easily 3x the # of trichomes as the others.

    I imagine the 2 smaller ones did not take to the transplant into larger pots as well as I had hoped, because other than a little nute burn on one, they seem to be doing well, just small

    Neither are what I would call a "pleasant" odor, but having grown some "catpiss" smelling strains before, it won't (I hope) translate to that taste in the final product. I think thats what got me started using kitty litter in my filter instead of carbon!

    'NI'll shut up now - Heres pics

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  9. BLaQLiGhT

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    WOW, I think they look really good. They are growing only one main stem which means yeild won't be to high but they look really good. I saw a Papaya plants that grew more side stems which grew more buds but the top of your plants look just like every other Papaya plant that I have seen. BIg fat colas that keep getting fat. I love it :thumbsup: . Keep Em Frosty Tokudai...
  10. Gasper02

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    Bustin my cherry on this post!!! looks nice to me! been viewing this site for the past couple months just never really thought about joining but now that im a member i cant wait to comment on peoples posts and hopefully will have some pictures of my own up soon! :D
  11. Arklenao2

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    what the fuck?
  12. Tokudai

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    I think/hope he meant this was his first ever post on the boards...... Please....
  13. Tokudai

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    Day 40

    Day 40 - nothing adverse to report. The big one is getting huge, I needed to stake it up - it seems to keep wanting more and more nutes too, so I'm going to superfert it one more time before harvest, and see where she goes.. Sizes are still a huge difference but the flowering part seems to be working splendidly and the little ones are embarrassing or anything

    Also a pic of my bloom cab with everything in various stages - although a tomato on the left is starting to take things over. I am also gonna get some small rectangular office trash cans to use as containers for the next ones, the round pots take up so much room


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  14. BLaQLiGhT

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    :hippy: Nice bud shots Tokudai. IF the smoke is really good, do you think you would try growing the Papaya again but maybe Vegging it longer to get bigger plants? HOw much longer are you going to let them flower? Did you ever check Trichomes yet? Your Set-up is top notch :p , I can't wait until I get my own place :( . Keep Em Big & Frosty :) ...
  15. OniEhtRedrum781

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    Wow, they look amazing...
  16. Tokudai

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    Yeah - I think I will try and reveg one of the smaller ones for clones. They seem to be developing a lot more quickly with the trichomes, plus I'd like to get some better size to them. I checked em tonight, and one of them is almost 50% cloudy - seems real early to me so I'm gonna play it by ear. I have a production run of 12 AI clones ready to go through in a few days, plus I just had a couple of AK48's show female in veg, and the NLxHaze will (hopefully) show any day now. So yesterday I put 4 new Fruit loops, 2 AK48 and 2 AI in. And there were already 3 Papayas, 2 Fruit loops and my tomato. Auuugh I'm gonna take over a bedroom soon I know it :p.. Running out of room in the Bbox heh hurry hurry papaya's

    I don't know how much bigger of plants I want, since I'm still really dealing with the penetration of a 400 W (ok 2 400 Ws but still.... Technically, 1-600W will "out penetrate" my 800W's) If I try to grow some 3 foot tall trees the bottom buds would be scraggly methinks. I am considering upping to 2-600W lights but I cant find a STD T-15 600W MH bulb.. My cooltube will not fit the ED37 shape bulb :( Blech. At least since I'm using both spectrums I don't have to waste money on enhanced bulbs.
  17. Tokudai

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    Day 47

    No big updates to report. Some bad news, one of the smaller Papayas fell over and broke the stem clean in 1/2. It was all covered in dirt and perlite, it was no fun at all. Rinsed it off in the shower, salvaged the cleaner buds, and threew it in the hashbag :( Fed the other 2 for the last time (I think) tonight and plan on flushing them from here on out. My guess is 65-68 days but we'll see

    Only pics of the big one tonight, gotta ton of crap to do for this weekend.

    Enjoy and Merry/Happy whatever applies!

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  18. BLaQLiGhT

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    Yah man, I heard this strain does that a lot. But it's not a bad thing :D , just have to catch it on time. Be careful with that one plant that broke off early, I also heard that if you get some buds from the Papaya plant early ( anything before 50 days), THe high might get alittle crazy where you might want to hurt yourself and it's not in a good way :eek: :confused: . I harvested my Top44 plant yesterday, the buds look really good. Not as frosty as the Aurora Indica though, but I'm happy with what I got. It smellls much better then the AI tho, it smells sweet like lemon. I will be a happy toker :jointsmile: . I dropped some piCs for you to see. Stay safe man :thumbsup: ....

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    Last edited: Dec 23, 2006
  19. Weed4Life

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    Sweet grow man what nutes are you using? I am growing Papaya as well and I thought they could use more nutes too. How much are yolu feeding them?
  20. Tokudai

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    Blaq - looks good! Green New Years for you. Nice pics, I have that same microscope. I have never tried the Top 44. Dunno what you mean about the early papaya, but lets just say it didn't do near as much as the AI. One of the pots actually fell over cause I'm a dumbass and put it down on the edge, so its not like it fell over from too much bud eheh

    Weed4Life - Checked out your grow, nice work! Our papayas look so similar in the budding structure, very "pistilly". I am using Fox Farm nutes - My standard bloom mix is 4 TBS Big Bloom, 2 TSP Tiger Bloom. During the first week and the last 2-3 weeks I also add 1/4 TSP mother of all blooms - its a 1-52-34 Bloom booster. When I add the MOAB I usually cut the Tiger Bloom down to 1 TSP (according to instructions on the MOAB - "May need to reduce other nutrients by as much as 1/2 to avoid burning plants"). I have been using molasses this last grow (1 TBS), but am going to discontinue it since I don't see any different results and I can't stand the smell. The first week of bloom I also add 1/2 tsp of Grow Big, to make sure she has all the N she needs. All these are ratios for mixing with a gallon of water - If I make a 5 gallon batch I will X5 the ingredients of course.

    On this last feeding, I did not cut down the Tiger Bloom, and upped the Big Bloom to 5 TBS and she seemed to love it - just the tiniest bit of burn on the tip of almost every leaf, perfect. Pushing her as hard as I can without damaging it. One of them I am going to start flushing, and the other I am going to feed up to the end, to see if theres any difference of taste. It seems silly to me to starve a plant at the end of its cycle when it is putting out the most production, so I have to test this theory myself ;) Won't be the first one I've disproven

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