Nitrogen Deficiency in Flower

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by dejayou30, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. dejayou30

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    I am pretty sure I have a nitrogen deficiency. The bottom leaves are completely yellow. I am two weeks into flower and coincidentally I'm due for a res change tomorrow. Could this be why? My nutes are Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Fruit and Flower 2.5-2-5. Its only appearing in one or two plants as of right now.

    If its not just my plants signaling that its time for a res change, what's the best way to add nitrogen without hindering the flowering process?
  2. dejayou30

    dejayou30 Registered+

    Can anyone hook me up with some info here? I don't want to add too much nitrogen and slow down the flowering.
  3. blink_inc

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    I don't think you should be adding N during flower. Makes it taste like crap unless really flushed well.

    Yellowing during flower is normal and leaves will die of. Flowers will look great though. i really wouldn't worry about it. Is PH fine? have you over nuted? If ph is ok and nute schedule is good then probably not a problem.

    I grow soil though.
  4. dejayou30

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    My pH has been between 5.7 and 6.0 the entire grow, except for the first week or so after I got my meter and didn't calibrate it! :) The nutrients for my first two weeks of flowering were only 50% strength and the res was a couple days shy of 2 weeks old when the yellowing started which is why I thought maybe they had used up all the nitrogen. I did a res change yesterday (on the 2 week mark) and added full strength nutes since I am entering the 3rd week of flower. My PPM is at 1800, which seems high, but I did a search on Google for average PPM levels and found a couple different sources that says you can have your PPM that high in flower. The Pure Blend Pro jug suggested 675 mL for "Aggressive Fruiting/Flowering" so I added 500 mL. The veins of the yellow leaves look like they are turning green; do they normally turn green again or do they just die out? I'm halfway to the promised land and I don't need things fucking up now!
  5. Gundari

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    well as i understand it, during flower the plant pulls nutrients and sugars from its self to feed the flowering process. The plants ultimate goal in life is to flower, produce seeds, then die. So basically what she's doing is pulling resources from somewhere she doesnt need them anymore and putting them towards budding.
  6. dejayou30

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    Well I never thought of it like that, but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Zcomp

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    Yes but I have had a strain need more N than others. One sativa had to be harvested prematurely because its leaves were all dead while my trich's were still clear, and the hairs were still 80/20 White/Red. Next harvest I feed one extra veg feeding(30-15-15) after about 1 week of Bloom Nutes(15-30-15)and everything went well.
  8. PharmaCan

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    Dejayou - post some photos!

    What Gundari described is something that occurs later in flower but usually not so early. At two weeks into flower, you should be getting towards the end of your growth spurt. Being as you are talking about the lower leaves, they often die off just from lack of light.

    How is your upper growth looking - the otherwise healthy leaves? Any spots on the leaves or red in the veins? If you can post some pics, it will help a lot.

    How are your clones doing?

    PC :smokin:
  9. stinkyattic

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    You may be underfeeding entirely, or you may be locked out by pH. Check runoff pH, and if it's fine, crank up your nutes a bit- carefully- and watch for signs of burn. Ease off if you see any.
    But pics would help very much.
  10. dejayou30

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    I'm pretty confident that its not a pH issue. I monitor it pretty regularly. I tried to get some pictures, but the HPS light makes black lines in my pictures so you can't really tell whats going on. Maybe my cheap Sony camera. I upped the nutes to full strength and changed the res, so we'll see what happens.
  11. dejayou30

    dejayou30 Registered+

    Oh, and my clones are doing alright. I checked for roots yesterday and one of them spun around completely in the hole in the rockwool when I picked it up and I didn't see any roots coming through the rockwool on the others, so I'm not sure. They look normal though and aren't sagging or anything. I only spray them once in the morning and once at night, and I spray the dome instead of the leaves directly.
  12. rhizome

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    Two weeks is a really long time on a res, esp in early flower.
    Doubly so @ 1/2 strength.

    I've pushed the PBP way up over 2k through stretch- some loved it ( pp), some less happy (blueberry).

    Takes a couple runs to get it dialed in- well advised to underfeed ( reduced yeild) rather than overfeed ( cataclysmic die-off)

    I think yer seeing underfeed, but I would be double-checking my pH with at least one differant meter/test before I ruled it out. Meters ( esp cheap ones- not too imply that your's is) can lie.
  13. dejayou30

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    I must have had some setting wrong on my camera or something. Here are some pics.

    Also, how often should I be changing my res? I thought 2 weeks was about average.

    Also, my pH meter actually is the cheapo Hanna Champ, and I have calibrated it so many times that I can no longer "turn it down" to get it to read 7.0 solution. I have to see what it reads the 7.0 solution at daily and then subtract from the res reading accordingly. I also double check it with a liquid kit once a day and its always been accurate.

    In the first pic is the deficient plant (farthest right), second pic is the three plants on the other side (I think the flash was on), third pic is a fat nasty bud-to-be. :jointsmile:

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  14. Zcomp

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    Oh that looks just fine. That amount of yellowing is no worry at your stage.
  15. dejayou30

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    Well, there are leaves that are higher than the lowest buds that are starting to turn yellow now. They were on the back side of the plant and I haven't turned them for a couple days, so I'm not sure how long its been like that.
  16. Zcomp

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    could be hot spots from your mylar. Nitrogen deficiency I believe goes from bottom up.
  17. dejayou30

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    Yeah, its going from the bottom up. What I am saying is it has progressed past the bottom leaves. there were some that were curled up and brown when I went in just now. I got some new pictures, check them out. The big leaf looks like its turning back to green, or it at least looks greener than last time I saw it.

    First pic is the yellow leaf that looks like its turning back to green, second pic is the other side of the same plant, the third is just a couple pics of the tops of two other plants, fourth is my hand and the top of one for size comparison. :jointsmile:

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  18. dejayou30

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    This should probably go in its own thread, but I have one plant that is really scrawny looking. The leaves are thin and saggy with the edges turned down, and I noticed some of the pistils are brown like they are scorched or something. They aren't even close to the light, so I suspected nute burn, but it is the only plant that has it. The other five are looking great aside from a few yellow leaves on the bottom of a couple. Is it possible that this one plant is just a weakling?
  19. rhizome

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    Sure. There's always one or two.

    I always budgeted for a start # about 33% higher than room capacity in late flower, so I could toss whatever was underperforming.

    It's much easier to cull if you know that yer population is too high to finish anyway. If something's gotta go anyway, you'll look over yer room much more critically.

    The great " Jedi mind trick" is not to get emotionally involved with particular plants- You cull the population because it's good for the population. Individuals ( you, me, that scraggley stick w/ leaves in the back corner that is supposed to be a Princess cut) are cheap.

    Couple other things-

    -for the first couple of runs, try to change your res once a week. This is a long-term hobby- plenty of time to get lazy/cheap later.

    - Plants in the first few weeks of flower are actually pretty N hungry. During late stretch/early budset, the plant will be feeding harder than any other phase of growth. Don't starve em.

    - Hanna meters are god-awful crap. There, I said it. If your meter won't calibrate, throw it away. You can adjust for a while and it'll work, but eventually it will bite you in the ass.

    If you have to use a liquid test once a day, what good is the meter at all? Seriously, if you can't cal the meter, don't even use it- it's known bad data, and likely to color your interpretation of the liquid test result.
  20. PharmaCan

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    DJ - It looks like you have too much red in your stems. If you can, next time the lights go out, put a cfl or two in there and get some good shots of the upper leaves and stems with the cfl's and flash. (You can turn off the HPS five or ten minutes early to take the pics and then not screw up your light cycle... cuz I know you worry about little things like that.) It looks like you might have some kind of deficiency going on there.

    PC :smokin:

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