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    Anyone used nitrozyme and can offer some advice on usage?
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    Seems to work well, and it will give your plants a nice boost of P & K. It's pricey though; I would only ever use it as a foliar spray. For how much it costs I would be skeptical if the results from using it in the soil would be worth-while.
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    I've used it in my current grow, when I was germinating the seeds I used to mix it wth the water and spray the root riot cube, and then when I transfered to vegging, I started using it in the nutrient tank for first two wks of vegging. Its my first grow and I've been growing in plants are 4 wks into flowering and already 5ft tall and buds look pretty big see pic..

    first pic are 5 colas on just one plant!!

    second pic is a pic of all plants in the tent already hit the roof!!

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    i would use it its good stuff

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