NJ probation...what testing methods do they have in your county?

Discussion in 'New Jersey (NJ)' started by jazzkid, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. jazzkid

    jazzkid Registered

    i recently got transferred to NJ probation in s.jersey
    and to my relief i found they recently switched
    to swab (saliva) testing.
    a great thing considering the urine testing i was getting
    my research shows the herb stays in the system for only 24hrs
    in a swab test.

    im just wondering if the saliva test is all of jersey
    or just my county.
  2. jazzkid

    jazzkid Registered

    come on!! dont tell me no one here gets tested
    or has probation!!
  3. Str8 Blow Off

    Str8 Blow Off Registered

    in middlesex county my p.o. stood right infront of me when i would take a piss...I fucking hate that scumbag
  4. Trees4Brkfst

    Trees4Brkfst Registered

    I've got a date on the 2nd in middlesex. For a lousy 3 F'in grams. I'll let you know shortly.
  5. Trees4Brkfst

    Trees4Brkfst Registered

    My p.o. is a woman so a dude comes into the bathroom with me every time. He once stood by the door (about 12 feet away from me) but every other time he's been in my back pocket. I feel you Str8; hate hate hate.
  6. Jaerl

    Jaerl Registered+

    b4 i started smokin' herb i helped a buddy of mine pass a piss test
    (I know it's sick but..) I pissed in a ziploc baggy, tryed to get as much air out as possible, put it in a 2nd, taped it to his thigh and he passed and got the job!!
    But he quit after 1 day... it was lame
  7. RedLocks

    RedLocks Registered+

    man, conditional discharge for herb aint worth not having the shit on our records, i gladly take a arrest on my record over 6 months or w/e of probation (even though I am far beyond being able tog et a conditional discharge!). I Recently took a hit in Hudson county, no probation and some BS fines, the actual fine is only 100, the other 700 is just NJ fund raising off us poor unfortunate SOBs, MOST EXPENSIVE HALF EVER!

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