NM 420 Event in ALBQ APRIL 20TH

Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by JohnMonad, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. JohnMonad

    JohnMonad Registered+

    NM Event to support Marijuana Legalization\Regulation UNM Duck Pond 1890 Roma Ave NE Albuquerque noon on 4\20 NM NORML, SSDP will be on hand
  2. pepurr

    pepurr Registered+

    Cool beans! :thumbsup:

    I will for sure be there. :hippy:

    Thanks for the heads up. :cool:
  3. chance942

    chance942 Banned

    What day is the March on Central this year,is it always May 5th? Never been myself so I wonder how beneficial it is.
  4. Sandia

    Sandia Registered+

    I may actually be able to make this! Would be nice to meet some of you there if I can go!
  5. pepurr

    pepurr Registered+

    Hey! That would be cool. Maybe we could name a time and a place. We could be the NMMMQAT ( New Mexico Medical Marijuana Quality Assurance Testers ).

    Or the BOFTTNM ( Big ol Fat Tater Tokers of New Mexico ).

  6. Sandia

    Sandia Registered+

    LOL....Nice names Pepurr....I will volunteer to be a quality tester....LOL
  7. coolslayer

    coolslayer Banned


    Cool! Wish I could attend.
  8. Leighanne

    Leighanne Registered

    sould love to go but....

    Since the dispensaries are out, my husband will be bed bound til we can find some! We'll be there in spirit
  9. coolslayer

    coolslayer Banned

    bed bound

    Hope he feels better soon.Its nice of you to get involved on his behalf.
  10. JohnMonad

    JohnMonad Registered+

    How many of you are coming?

    ILL be at the event Tuesday and would like to meet as many of you as possible.
    Who's coming? Be sure to bring friends.
    A sign or 2 demanding the DOH get us MEDS would be good!
    Lets make this a patient rally too!
  11. Washedout

    Washedout Registered+

    I will be there in spirit have a Pharm Out time.:cool:
  12. coolslayer

    coolslayer Banned


    A good 4/20 to all.

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