No access to perlite, are there any substitute?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by extremeswagster, Nov 22, 2014.

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    Seems you're the one being snotty str8jacket.

    Hydroponics stores sell lots of good soil mixes, and they may include perlite. There is more than one way to be productive. I find that saving time is saving money.

    But I'm not here to get into confrontation with you str8jacket. You don't know me or my experience, and I don't know you. I've 40 years of growing plants. I'm here to offer help as I see fit.

    And re-read what I said. I didn't say to "not use perlite". I said it was a mess to work with. And I pointed out it comes in good soil mixes (you can buy them, I assume you know this.)

    I want everyone to succeed with growing. Only when more in this world learns first hand about cannabis, will opinions change.
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    I've never seen or heard of any potting soil that already has enough perlite in it, or would not benefit from adding perlite.

    What have you used that you feel has a sufficient amount of perlite in it?
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    To a poster asking for advice on growing in a 3x3 tent, you said 'I don't grow in tents, I grow in rooms'.

    To someone asking about perlite, you tell them 'Perlite is a mess to work with. Dust is awful. With a good soil mix, you don't need to add perlite. I don't'.

    You're telling people "you don't need to add perlite" without even knowing what recipe they are adding it to.

    I must have an eye problem, because I just can't see how that is helpful to anyone.
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    Yes clay ball awesome lauer the bottom of pot scatter throughout and some on top
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    Best healthiest root system ive seen using clay balls/pebbles airates soil beautifully ...hold little bit of moisture but not to much
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    Clay pebbles awesome for air rating soil i use and my end soil and root system is perfect so "yes"

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