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  1. middieman440

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    man this sucks i can not find a job anywheres every dam job here you need ged or diploma,wtf there are very good people out there who had to leave school for family issues and whatever the reason may be,then theres the dirt bags that make us people without the ged/hd look like we are the worst people because we dont have a ged/hd,i have a very good work history doing various types of work and i cant even get a job at mcdonalds with out a ged wtf this is wack......i tried to go for my ged but i can not do the work because during school i was always in special ed because i was judged to being a bad kid so they stuck me in a room full of f'up's and did not teach us a dam thing,besides basic work and the ged has stuff on it i never even heard of i left school to make money instead and did fine untill i moved out here...maybe if i was mexican or someother nationality i could get by much easier because being an american citizen from day 1 means crap anymore and employers will hire them before us because 90% of the jobs i apply for you must be bi lingual.....but im not i speak this country language...but i guess thats wrong these days to..

    sorry for posting this but im just very pissed off...

    im far from racist or anything but if your not american and are living better in this country than we americans are because of your nationality i really hate you....

    so now all the things that i worked hard for to earn,my 08 motorcycle and 09 car will soon be gone all because of a peice of paper that says ged/diploma

    who cares that i can build houses from the ground up,can program computers,and pave the roads you drive on and install water pipes that you drink from,but because of a peice of paper it means nothing...
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    Gotta fricken love it right? Wrong. I was self employeed all my life with out any collage, didnt need to worry about it. I raised 4 children, bought a house, ran a biz for 25 years. Then our lovly GOV opened the boarders for free trade and all my work went over seas. Ive since closed my biz, ran out of money and cant find a job because I dont have a collage degree. I could run circles around any book smart kid with what I know from hands on.

    I feel your pain my friend. But just remember your not the only one.

    I feel as if my country let me down, realy though.

    So, now all I do isa smoke joints and not worry about it any more cause it will eat me up. Ive been in the ER room 3 times with anxiaty attacks from this shit. Oh, and its not over yet either, I dont care what The TV says.

    Hang in there bro and put your mind to work.
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    I'm with you too. I am a Land Survey Crew Chief who learned everything I know on the job. I am obviously unlicensed and have no formal education in the field of surveying but I have had graduate students work under me that don't have any common sense at all. Same thing with engineering majors. They overthink everything and don't look at the big picture.

    I got laid-off in Oct. 2008 and the only job I've been able to get was with the US Census. The only and LAST time I'll work for the government! Every other job I applied for said I either had too little education or was over-qualified. FINALLY, I'm starting to work as a Land Surveyor again!:Rasta:
  4. stormin94

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    At least you have a few jobs down there. Lake County has around 22% unemployment, and no where is hiring. People with college degrees are flipping burgers. I have a HS diploma, but that really doesn't make any difference up here. Times are tough, and it seems the worst is yet to come since it's not improving.
  5. leadmagnet

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    What they're thinking is that if you're too lazy to go back and get something as simple as your GED you're too lazy to work for them.

    Employers can afford to be real picky these days.

    So why don't you folks who don't have one go fork out the 65 bucks or so and take your GED test? A tard can pass it, no offense to retarded people. You get to remediate the sections you fail and for 15 bucks or so retest.
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  6. Ub3rB0ng

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    And this news is somehow new? hell even mcdonalds pretty much expects it nowadays(like you said).The G.E.D. is very easy from what ive heard,just go take it,and even if you somehow dont pass the first time,you'll know what too expect next time.
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  7. Islandborn

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    Yea.......the same goes for the bogus associates gets you NOTHING in the decent job industry..if your gonna go for 2 years.....better stay and finish your schooling so you can compete in the market when you finish.

    The GED test is so esy its not even funny......if ya can't pass it....employers prolly wouldn't wanna hire you anyway.
  8. budlover13

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    I have ny diploma and was making $25/hr before I got laid-off. It sucks that you get paid for a degree instead of for what you know and have the potential for learning. That's why most businesses suck these days. They don't look at the person, they look at a number. No more, no less.
  9. TheChameleon

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    I counted on being the jack of all trades all my life... I did not make it through the 8th grade but i did work with a plumbing outfit at that time... I am set up today with the tools for all the trades in residential construction... At one point I remodeled a kitchen for $1000 just to keep the bills going... I was taught many years ago that the trades will always bear some fruit...

    construction is down but people are holding on to what they have so that equates to remodel and repair...
  10. RedLocks

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    ehh my Boss just put an addition on his house, so business must not be that bad, aint good, but still work to be done every day..

    and as far as the original post.... wow, go get a damn GED, doesn't take a damn rocket scientist, then you can get your cushy job at McDonald's... to pay for your 09 whip and 08 bike.....:D:D:D

    When I took the test, I went on a Monday to sign up, came back next day for first half of the test, day after that for the second part.. got my diploma in the mail few weeks later.. Yeah it is just a piece of paper, but at least it shows you give a shit enough to take 3 days of your life to better yourself as a whole..... need a GED?..... go get one :wtf:
  11. GROWxMOREx420

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    I have my GED. You would be amazed at how easy the GED tests are to pass. If you are so smart, then pay the money and go take the 5 tests to get your GED. It took me 1 month to earn my GED in an adult eductation class. Not that difficult at all.
  12. TheChameleon

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    Im a little to old for a GED but can't you get those online???
  13. Stomper420

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    Your never too old to learn....WTF?
  14. TheChameleon

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    I would not be learning much it would be just the paper and at my age I could probably use toilet paper more...
  15. RedLocks

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    you can use it to break up herb on top of ;)

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