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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by BetterThanBeer, Oct 31, 2007.

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    Hey all. My plant has been in flowering for 6 weeks now and basically has no leaves left. It has plenty of bud sites and small sugar leaves that seem to look ok, but all of the other leaves have turned yellow, dried up and fallen off. Basically it looks like a bunch of sticks with bud sites scattered throughout. Would it be safe to go ahead and chop it down to begin drying or are the sugar leaves enough to keep it going for another two weeks. The size of the bud has not changed (at least it doesn't appear as though they have) in two weeks leaving me to believe that the plants has hit its end. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    It's not unusal for the fan leaves to suck up the last of the nitrogen and fall off. What does the trichomes look like?
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    The plant has lost all of its leaves probs due to lack of food (nitrogen). Which is in most cases is totally natural at this stage.

    What you want to do now is look on the site for "When to harevst" or a "when to cut plant down" thread. You;ll find that nice picture of the Trichcombs (think thats the right spelling I should know that by now..dang) . They are the sugary crystals you describe. They might look real sweet but they are not sugar.

    My guess is that your plant is reaching Harvest time. But perhaps not just yet. you should look around on the forum to find some pictures etc. About "WHen to Harvest"

    Its a special Bond between Grower and Plant that is reached. TO early and its not worth it.. TO late and the moment has passed. Find your special moment with your plant and harvest her and treat her to some good curing. Then burn her proper!!!

    Hope that helps

    Good Luck

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    A majority of the pistols are now red, though the trichomes are not showing red just yet, at least I cannot see red with my magnifying glass. I will say that I cannot tell if they are clear or cloudy with the magnifying glass, I do not think it is strong enough to see that. I am going to have to make my best educated guess, which since I am a noob will be highly uneducated, lol. Thanks guys.
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    If you wanta good starting point for an educated guess. I have always used the rule...

    When 80% of the hairs are Red its safe to cut her down... Or cut the top off and let the smaller buds finish for aother week/ Or if all the hairs are Red its still safe cut but it has been maybe a little too long.

    I've always used that kinda thinking and I have never grown weed that hasn't gotten me messed up!!!

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    Awesome, that is something I can do as the hairs I can definitely see. :) I will check it out tonight and see where I am at. Thanks kd.

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