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Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by bhouncy, May 14, 2008.

  1. bhouncy

    bhouncy Registered+

    What strains are the least likely to give paranoia? I always go for indica but is this right?
  2. Immolation

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    Good Question:thumbsup: I'd like to know too.
  3. PlantHeadJ

    PlantHeadJ Registered+

    I have found that Hawiian and Kali Mist are non parinoia strains. Also when the plant is taken is key to the stone. I have a Blueberry that at 8 weeks I see my dead dog climbing my leg with a knife in his teeth. At ten weeks it's like floating on a cloud, not a care in the world. Harvest early for a soaring high, Late for mellow yellow dude!! AK is a good example too. early hell, late good. Just my 2 bucks.
  4. bhouncy

    bhouncy Registered+

    Is this because there is more CBD? I heard that CBD is good at reducing anxiety. Does the plant produce more CBD as it gets later into it's flowering?
  5. headieman

    headieman Registered

    yep. or at least that's what jorge cervantes said on some random youtube clip i happened to see once.
  6. Fnatic

    Fnatic Registered

    They're right, the more amber the trichomes are, the more narcotic and 'heavy' the high will be.

    I believe it's 90% amber that is perfect harvest time if you're looking for the least anxiety without sacrificing THC.

    Internally, this converts some THC to CBD - which has anxiolytic effects. :thumbsup:

    Indicas are normally called upon for less paranoia but some sativas have these properties as well. I have personally found strawberry cough to have no paranoia whatsoever.
  7. NaughtyDreadz

    NaughtyDreadz Registered+

    maybe I'm too self righteous or I'm just used to weed... but I haven't been paranoid in ages.. like since I was a teenager... I'm almost 30 now
  8. phatsesh101

    phatsesh101 Registered+

    indica gets me noided
  9. smokestoomuch

    smokestoomuch Registered+

    who said that, who's there!!

    i dont get paranoid off weed if u do u shouldn't be smoking

    try cocaine!!

    keep toking, keep smiling, keep burning :Rasta:
  10. bhouncy

    bhouncy Registered+

    I agree. I don't smoke often and when I do I don't do that much. I never used to get paranoid or at least I wasn't aware of it but I used to mostly smoke hash that wasn't always the best quality. Now that it is weed that I mostly get it seems a lot stronger and goes from trippy to WTF!! So I rarely smoke cannabis now and when I do it's one bong hit and that's me :)
  11. peble

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    I agree, indica tends to get me and my friends "noided", but sativa dose not. But I love indica, so "POWER TO THE NOIDED!" :weedpoke::yippee:

    *chuckles* noided lol

    Plus why does everyone hate being paranoid? It comes in handy sometimes. I swear if i was high without being paraniod I would crash or get pulled over on my way from my guy. Paranoia keeps your mind on track, helps you stay focused, and keeps you on your toes.

    If your religious, then you can realise that God put paranoia on earth for a reason. Its the same as pain, Pain is a warning to tell our dumbasses not to do something again. Paranoia is our way of perceiving a threat, now imagine what it would be like if you cant perceive if something is a threat or not.....would be a crazy as shit he he

    thats my rant for today :Rasta:
  12. Igotsoul4u

    Igotsoul4u Registered+

    Indica has resulted in much more paranoia for me, but not in many years. You should probably smoke a little less so you can monitor your levels better. My friends and I used to take about 4 bong hits each and that was just waaaaaaay to much at the time. Take one and then wait 20 minutes to see where you are at. Eventually the paranoia goes away as you get used to it and channel it differently.
  13. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    Funny I always thought pain was gods way of telling you

    "your not dead yet,... infact your very much still alive"
    (That second part is usualy when the real pain sets in)

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