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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by ERBA, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. ERBA

    ERBA Registered+

    Any way to weigh out weed without a balance or scale? Think a friend of mine just ripped me off, really want to know. Thanks!
  2. dustoned

    dustoned Registered+

    i would say your eye. but you aren't a very keen smoker yet, are you? no offense. :smokin:
  3. ERBA

    ERBA Registered+

    Keen smoker?

    Well I've smoked a few times a week for the past year buying all my own stuff and whatnot but today I bought an 1/8th of headies that looks nowhere near 3.5g. Buddy said that because its really good quality shit that its compressed and once you break it up you'll see it. Headies rarely rolls around here and it was only my second time buying it. :(
  4. Powder Puff

    Powder Puff Registered+

    Get a scale!:)

    Then you will learn how much is in a nug:) Experience is the best scale!:p
  5. dustoned

    dustoned Registered+

    they're all in little buds, aren't they? i know when i used to think that when i would buy headdies. they're just these little light green bulbs.

    trust me though, it probably is an eighth. especially if he said he weighed it and knows it's 3.5. an eighth of headdies is about two buds about as big around as a quarter. or four buds about as big as pennies. you get the idea.
  6. dustoned

    dustoned Registered+

    but powder puff is right. experience is the best scale - "inspect" your bags every time you buy. it'll give you a keen eye on how much to expect from different qualities.
  7. Starchild

    Starchild Registered+

    I am from old school and it used to be two fingers
  8. Powder Puff

    Powder Puff Registered+

    I still haven't gotten the EXACT hang of weight, but starting to..:) And it is better, cause then, when you see it, you can tell your dealer right away, that you are not satisfied!:)
  9. Whos Carl

    Whos Carl Registered+

    If I bought an eighth of skunk what would the baggie weigh?>
  10. Fan o KmK

    Fan o KmK Banned

    yea but even if you can judge based on eye, what are you gona do, "hey man i think yuo ripped me" dealer: "no man i weighted it, its right trust me" you: "well...uh...ok cya" theres nothing you can do, no dealer is gona give you more weeed just cuz ur not "satisfied". but w/e, just get ur own scale or tell people u have one thus reducing ur chances of getting ripped.
  11. Powder Puff

    Powder Puff Registered+

    Yeah, offcourse.. By what I said, I meant if you go get the weed, and then you have a propper weight at home:) You can then offcourse tell your dealer, that you have a scale at home, and you can see that it is not what you are paying for..!:)

    But then again, your dealer won't say "oh, sorry! I tried to rip you of..!":p

  12. flamingskullballs

    flamingskullballs Registered+

    i tell you what you can do...i heard this from a very intellectual buddy of mine, on these boards even. how to digi your weed without a digi, is you take yer bus pass in one hand, the weed in the other, and see if they have about the same weight
  13. xNoa

    xNoa Registered+

    if it feels compressed, and he says it is.. it most likely is.. i hate when people complain if i sell some compressed weed, it still weighs up.
  14. spinner

    spinner Registered+

    That's so true, sight is only part of it, you have to feel the nugs. If they're hard to the touch expect less nugs; if soft expect more :D
  15. wutang123456

    wutang123456 Registered+

    either 1.1 or .9 depending on which type of bag
  16. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    This thread reminded me of the guy who said a buspass weighed 1 gram and wanted to comapare the weight of the buspass and his weed. :D

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