No smoke on the EXhale

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by alwaystrippin, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. alwaystrippin

    alwaystrippin Registered+

    I just scored a foil on tick from a good mate who jus bought 3 oz of California Orange. Cant believe it but lately i been gettin sum Skunk and AK47 within the last month and wholy shit these buds have the most and longest orange pistols i have ever seen and really makes the gunj look orange. woooowww:stoned:


    Anyway...............i jus had a mighty session in the shower when i woke up and was forced to use a waterfall bong caus i didnt hav a bottle for a normal bong and since the waterfall bottle has a whole in the bottom it would make it impossible. waterfalls arnt my type caus occasionaly when i exhale the smoke from the fullchamber in the bottle nuthn comes out even jus after holding it for like 2 seconds. it gets me paranoid as hell caus its like something is wrong inside hahaha...nar wtf!!!!

    why does this happen does anyone know?
  2. Philosophymind

    Philosophymind Registered

    Me and my buddys dont blow out much smoke after waterfall hits , its kinda wierd . But i still get super high so i dont ponder the lack of smoke for to long.
  3. WaKeNvAp

    WaKeNvAp Registered+

    waterfall hits?
  4. growitandsmokeit

    growitandsmokeit Registered+

    Gravity bong basically.
  5. it's a gravity bong made lazy... lol
  6. SmokinStella

    SmokinStella Registered+

    do you find that you'll burp smoke later on? I think that means the smoke's gone into your stomach. It seems to happen alot with gravity's well funny if you just let out a cloud of smoke when you're on a packed tube or something, freaks people out!
  7. chillsmoke

    chillsmoke Registered+

    it happens to me all the time no ust with waterfall bongs tho i get it from pipes too... not bongs not blunts not jays but only pipes n waterfall... its wierd
  8. pixel

    pixel Registered+

    on occasion, usually when i have a soda in hand while smokin or somethnig, ill take a big ass sized rip and swallow it to my stomach, then 5 minutes later i burp up a lungfull of smoke way after the session is finished

    i call it puff the magic dragon
  9. alwaystrippin

    alwaystrippin Registered+

    yer sometimes wen i take a cone out of a bong and find its way to big for me to handle my throat kind of pushes it down then i blow the smoke out completely, then burp and more comes out.....

    But i wana know why i dont blow out any smoke sometimes, only with waterfalls (gravity bong). Is it caus it gets absorbed into ur lungs or sumn and nuthn can get out or wat??

    its got to do with the device or the way its lit cuas it doesnt occur with anything else>>
  10. i take huge hits off pipes and bongs all the time then blow out no smoke.. it doesn't just happen on grav./waterfall bongs...
  11. bulletz144

    bulletz144 Registered+

    that happened to me when smoking a pipe before, im not sure what does it, but it trips me out hardcore.
  12. i thought ihad a way to explain it, but that doesn't work with grav/waterfall bongs because you can see the smoke before you inhale it, anyways my theory was that you weren't really making the weed smoke, or just lightly smoking, and the rest was just vaporization, leading to the feeling of a getting a huge hit, but when you exhale there's barely any smoke, if any at all.. but yea you can see all the smoke in grav/waterfalls.. so that can't be it.
  13. P.E.N.G.U.I.N.

    P.E.N.G.U.I.N. Registered+

    If you don't exhale any smoke, it could mean your lungs absorbed it all/all the carbon in the smoke stuck to the inside of your lungs (FUCKING NOT GOOD!)

    The only reason smoke is visible is because of tiny carbon particles so small they float like all those little white things you can sometimes see floating in any room. If your waterfall was full of smoke that all went in to your lungs and no visible smoke came out, you just gave your lungs a nice layer of carbon :thumbsup:
  14. Pulse

    Pulse Registered+

    it depends on how long you hold your breath
  15. Th3 Chr0nic

    Th3 Chr0nic Registered+

    what is that???
  16. Kush Over

    Kush Over Registered+

    Takes years upon years of accumulation to cause irreparable damage -- the 'scars' are still there, but they heal if you take it the hell easy.

    If this behavior of 'holding it in' persisted, however, the least you can hope for is lung cancer aside from the many respiratory issues you'll be bumping into on your short lived journey to the grave.

    The least.

    Although, my father's been smoking marijuana since he was about fifteen, and he's now almost sixty without much visible damage to his health -- he doesn't wheeze; doesn't cough unless he took a fucking huge hit. Then again, he's been smoking out of bongs exclusively for the past fifteen or twenty years, and he isn't a heavy smoker to begin with.

    He also doesn't hold the hits in for more than three seconds.
  17. mastahaze

    mastahaze Registered+

    its cuz u take in so much smoke so quickly that it sticks to the flem in ur lungs. this means that it will come out slowly, and each time u exhale air a tiny bit of smoke comes out to. its really bad for ur lungs but u get extremely high.
  18. Its a Plant

    Its a Plant - - Moderator - -

    yah exhaling no smoke is a no-no.
    where is LIP to reiterate his point made in another thread?

    and I don't know about you, but hell, gravity bongs fuck me sideways
    and I always blow out a big ass cloud of smoke.
    personally, I don't like cancer in my lungs.

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