Noob smoker trying to get clean, have some questions

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by mousou, Mar 7, 2017.

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    Hello, I've been browsing the net and reading a lot on this forums about detoxing and test taking tips. I've been smoking only since May of last year, every night about 1 bowl - sometimes less, just a nug or two especially the last week of Feb, although I also would hit a hybrid vape pen before bed.

    I'm in the process of job interviews and one of the company drug tests. I've been sober since the beginning of the month, started doing cardio daily and my first official interview isn't until next week. By the time all this is done, I'll have about 20-21 days sober, at best, and I don't think I'll be completely clean by then. I purchased some marijuana test strips from and ran a test this last weekend and failed terribly (obviously).

    1) I'm 6ft, 165lbs. Something like 15-20% body fat at best. I mostly smoked indica with the occasional hit from a hybrid vape pen. Does the lower amount of THC in an indica mean I can get cleaner faster? Do I need to worry about CBD? Is it possible to be clean after 3 weeks even though I smoked every day (my buddy says I should be but I'm skeptical)?

    2) I bought a QuickFix kit. Instead of using the synthetic urine, I plan on using a donor's urine using the heating pad, bottle and temp gauge provided with the kit to sneak it in. I read the stickies about keeping it warm and what not and plan on practicing beforehand. Anyone who is familiar with this kit, how well does the temperature gauge and heat pad work? Can I use the heat pad to heat up the temperature gauge of the pee cup at the analysis booth, or use it to warm up the pee in the cup if needed?

    3) I plan on using the at home tests again the day before. If I'm clean then, I'll check again the day of. However, should I stop working out prior to the expected test date?

    Sorry if this post is similar to other topics. I'm pretty sure I've searched through everything before asking >.>
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    So am I. You have obviously done your homework. :)

    Yes, for at least 48 hours.
    Best of luck.
    Wee 'zard
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    heating temp gauge on the quick fix works.
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