Noob's guide to growroom set-up : a work in progress

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by rhizome, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Thankyou Rhizome for doing this.. It is very informative and have learned alot so far.

    If I do start a grow room will definitely use this thread as a guide! :thumbsup:
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    that's the way..uh huh uh huh

    read article in one breath. Thanks for the help...after searching it was the answer I was looking for.
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    question for rhizome

    Using a dedicated system to cool your lights, would one simply leave out the light multiplier in the below equation to figure out the exhaust fan size?

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    last question

    sorry to multiple post.

    to cool 2 600 watts in the supersun with the above dedicated system for the lights would one need just a booster fan or an inline fan such as a can fan?

    I have been looking around for 70 cfm fans and am unable to find any at this point. let me know.
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    Yep, that'd work.

    Inline cooling 2 600's, I'd be looking @ a six inch inline.
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    I'm cooling one 600 with a 4" fan and ducts, and it's just not quite enough. Switching to 6" soon, along with re-routing ducts so there are less bends (a big factor). Also I find that the only way to get a 600 nice and close to the plants is to have dedicated light ventilation. And you need it if you are running CO2. If I could only give one bit of advice it would be to not skimp on ventilation. For HID, you really need to spend as much on venting as lighting.

    Nice write-up rhizome.
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    Rhizome that is some thorough learned you making me. Your efforts are so very appreciated. I am going to be taking my second stab at setting up a room in the upcoming months and will use this information, or at least what i understood(doh).
    I was trying to cool 6 600W with a 10 inch canmax. With ducting that looked like a yankee stadium pretzel. not sure it was really doing the job (another doh)
  8. Great information!

    Gotta love growing outdoors :) Most everything is free cept the labor.

    What about incorporating parent room(s) inside your work area. Like for mother and father plants. Start up budget required = ? Best sources for economical(energystar type stuff) equipment = ?

    What kind of increase in the power bill should someone expect?

    Lets say for a daily smoker or a medical user.
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    rhizome . . . great information...thanks!
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    lets talk bout electricty

    hello guys , i have a quick question on electricty , if i were using a 1k electrict ballast with a cooltube thats cooled with a 6in muffin fan , an environmental controller with a cap 6in inline exhaust fan , a dehumidifier & 2 hearty air pumps for 4 dwc bubblers in 5 gal buckets in a 5 x 5 x7 room . just how many different electric circuits will i have to use ? the room has 2 electric outlets ( 4 plugs ) but can i run everything off the outlets or will i need 2 run them to other outlets in other rooms ? i hope not , cause i'm trying to be discret bout it & with all the cords runnin to the room would raise suspicion , but i don't want to burn my house down either !! lol not a good thing . any sugestions ? or is it safe to run everything on those 2 outlets ? thanx for any input :thumbsup: want2beagrower :jointsmile:
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    I am Pres Surrey Compassion Club, BC. We have a Farm and I am building Grow Rooms (walls only so far) in a shop 21 x 30 feet.
    Need Help.
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    this truly is great information. Thank you for taking the time to organize your thoughts and share them with us. :thumbsup:
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    I see it's been a while since you posted this but you need to find out how many amps the circuit is rated for and the total that your stuff will be using.
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    If your still interested I think 2 15 amp circuits would be ok, see what the wire size and outlet ratings are and you might be able to swap out 15 for a 20amp
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    power bill question

    i know the main grow lights can kick the power bill a lot and raise red flags at PG&E, apartment having just under 1000 in electric bill or home with 1000+

    so on this matter i have been talking to someone who does solar installation and this type of set up can power your grow room in a sense...

    what is your take on this and do you feel its cost effective and worth it?

    also have you heard or seen LED Grow lights and what is your take on those?

    for the bigger set ups in homes i would think, if its cost effective, a solar set up with a high end light set up could be a way to go but thought i would ask you

    also i have heard of someone making ventilation through the ground under the grow room (basement of a house with dirt floor) to circulate and cool the air as well as filter it. instead of sending out and bringing in air from outside its circulated underneath the ground, cooled, filtered, then piped in!

    have you heard of something like this? thoughts on the idea?

    if this is true and it works it could, for basement growers, cut out the problem of smell and exhaust outside that could get you caught
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    alls i got to say is thank you very much kind sir. your thread was more extensive then anything i could possibly think to find. my first post and very appreciative of this site!!;)
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    Where is the Rest

    Hey Man I feel riped off, where is the rest on room temps and other stuff, easy reading and not to complex for a first timer to learn, dont stop now.:)
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    From my research the led's are not good enough yet. And circulating the same air might not be good. I would think they would like some fresh air. Would the plants produce enough co2 to make up for what they use? Unless you plan to add co2?
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    Okay so I'm new to all this and I'll be building an 896 cubic grow room. I've been seeing varying information from different websites and forums. Some say you need to calculate for 3 - 4 evacs per minute and others say to evac once every 5 minutes. I found one forum that says if you're only trying to refresh co2, then once every 5 minutes or less is the goal and if your trying to eliminate heat as well, then 3-4 times a minute is the correct figure. You've added a whole new dimension to my confusion so what are your thoughts on this? These fan/can combos aren't cheap and if I need to go and get over 2000CFM, I'm going bankrupt before I'm even out of the gate! I thought of going to a UV ozone generator that is set up in a "buffer" box before I exhaust to the outside. Maybe the garage or attic, then out the water heater/furnace stack? I can get these o3 generators for $150 a piece and people swear by them. I've heard one is enough for an op twice my size. How to you feel about ozone as long as I keep it off my plants?

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